Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Keeping our tax money in Leucadia

Redevelopment is a good idea because Leucadia has the potential to keep a million dollars (pronounced "meeeeeelliiiiiooooon") per year in tax money in Leucadia instead of it going to the state fund.


It is estimated that to finally solve the flooding problems in the coast highway corridor it will take at least $30 million and possibly up to $40 million.


Another reason why taking the bus sucks.


  1. Didn't the City just spend 5 meeelliion on the storm drain system?

  2. Howdy J. Maybe you can tell me why San Diego pays only $1 mil per mile for storm drain installation but our latest engineer figures it'll cost Leucadia $25 mil per mile? I'd really like to know what the extra $24 mil per mile is for. Cheers, Fred Caldwell
    P.S. I'd also like to know why the engineer who took our $4 mil for the last storm drain system, leaving us with much worse flooding, is not responsible for correcting the problem he created?

  3. Fred,
    Isn't Pasco (the engineer) politically connected? That means a lot in our good ol' boy dominated City.

  4. It would be cheaper if the city just handed out plastic buckets to the illegal aliens on encinitas blvd next time it rains.


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