Sunday, May 15, 2005

Response from City Council

I was surprised that 4 of the 5 council members replied to my e-mail. I figured it would be deleted and I would be labeled a disgruntled party pooper.

Christy Guerin, a former local sheriff, seemed especially upset with me. Here is her response:

Dear Mr. St. Pierre,

I am saddened and disappointed that you have so much anger about the Council's discussion surrounding redevelopment in the Leucadia area. It seems that you were not at the meeting or you would have realized that this issue was brought to the Council by a group of citizens in Leucadia, otherwise we would not have felt compelled to have the discussion.
You're right that in certain definitions of "blight", it does not apply to Leucadia or anywhere else in Encinitas, however there are serious infrastructure deficiencies in Leucadia that citizens want fixed. This redevelopment issue was thought to be one of the ways that the city could finance this enormous financial need. We agreed that is was definitely worth the discussion.
You're reference to "land snatch" and the possible injury to you and your wife is very sad. Their is no intention of using redevelopment to "snatch" anyone's land. It is also important to understand that the Council already has the authority to use eminent domain if we find it necessary. In the six years that I have been here, we have never used that authority. There is nothing in Leucadia that needs to be "snatched" as that kind of change is not necessary, the community is wonderful the way it is. The needs are very large internal fixes that would only enhance the already terrific lifestyle that is enjoyed there.
To close, there are no "worms" here, only thoughtful consideration. If you need any more information regarding our intent, please call Gina, the council's assistant, at 633-2618 to set up an appointment to speak with me. I do hope to see you soon.

Christy Guerin
Deputy Mayor
City of Encinitas

It was great that Christy Guerin replied. She is wrong about one thing though, several houses were bulldozed via eminent domain to extend Leucadia Blvd. into "New Encinitas". Yay! I can get to Target faster! I'm sure that our neighbors who lost their homes are thrilled.

By the way, the reason I missed the meeting: I had to work late. Sorry.

I wonder if all the other 6500+ Leucadians made it to the meeting?

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  1. I did not see this until today, 6/21, first day of summer! I was searching through the archives of this terrific blog spot.

    Despite JP's trying to be respectful, and keep his "ironic comments" to his web page, I believe Council, including Christy Guerin cannot be trusted. With the 3/5 vote, this idea will continue to advance. More and more money will be spent on consultants and lawyers.

    Our only hope, in all probability, is to start a petition, get 10% of the voters to sign it, and be ready to prevent the "blightation" of Leucadia by Council, who will naturally insist upon heading their own RDA.


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