Monday, June 13, 2005

Annabell's Burning Questions

Here is civic leader Annabell Janssen's e-mail to the city manager:

Dear City Manager Miller,

In the North County Times yesterday, June 9, 2005, Leucadia residents read that a council public hearing/workshop will be held on June 20, 2005. I would like a copy of the speakers you have invited please. The same article tells us that all city dept. heads will attend and provide a list of problems in Leucadia. I would like a copy of their reports---with budget numbers.

Also, I would like a copy of the 2004 consult report that concluded the "ultimate" drainage cost-fix for Leucadia at $31 million.

1) a copy of the RFP and Bid Award that the city approved.
2) final document and $$$$ amounts you are using.
3) was Rick Eng. the only consultant that bid for the project? What other contractors bid on the drainage project---please provide list.

I would like to review please:
1) RFP, Bid Award and city contract approved for Wayne Pasco Eng. and the "un-successful" drainage fix.
2) Why was no legal recourse sought by the city for our $4.8 million loss with this project?
3) Why was Pasco Eng. not held responsible for fixing the glaring deficiencies? Why was the firm paid in full?
4) Was Pasco Eng. the only consult/contractor bidding on the Leucadia drainage project?

Please provide a list of other bidders.

Once copies are made --please advise me of the cost.

Thank you,
Annabell Janssen
Leucadia, CA


  1. I bet the surf city times will get to the bottom of all this. NOT!

    keep it real yo

    Cardiff Jake

  2. A friend sent me the link to this website and all I have to say is holy shit I did not know about the drain cost scam. I didnt even know what imminent domain was until I read this site. I am angry!!!!!!!! I will be at the meeting and I am bringing all my neighbors.



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