Saturday, June 11, 2005

Burning Questions

A. Why was the city able to revamp downtown coastal Encinitas without declaring it blighted? Why the double standard with Leucadia?

B. Who stands to profit from this redevelopment the most? Let's follow the money.

C. Should a town where every third house is a remodel, where more and more small business open every month, where the median price for a home is $500,000 and the average income is $56,000, where the quality of life is one of the highest in the world, be declared blighted?

D. Why does San Diego pay only $1 mil per mile for storm drain installation but our latest engineer figures it'll cost Leucadia $25 mil per mile? What is the extra $24 mil per mile for? Why isn't the engineer who took our $4 mil for the last storm drain system, leaving us with much worse flooding, and is not responsible for correcting the problem he created?

E. Exactly which properties will be seized via eminent domain?


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  2. I have a "burning" question jean paul.
    Who the fuck is in charge of this one horse town anyway?

  3. Please check out the latest City Beat to see read about a cigar store/coffee shop in San Diego, where the owner had spent over $2 million making improvements, was taken by eminent domain because the SD had that area declared blighted for high digit redevelopment.

    This same story was in the reader some months ago. We sure cannot afford to trust that our city would not be tempted by payoffs- which the State Supreme Court has ruled are for the "public good."

    The City has greater discretion to decide what is for "public benefit," than do you or I. We have lost many of our rights. We cannot afford to lose our homes and businesses.

    Leucadia is another word for paradise. We are not blighted. Please come together to work to protect a way of life, a way of being human.

  4. To answer anonymous' burning question; "Who's in charge:"

    An ex Deputy Sheriff, who retired in 1985 through Workman's Comp Benefit disability, after she was sued for using excessive force, and appeared on Judge Judy.

    Judge Judy let Christy Guerin have it!

  5. I think Christy Guerin was investigated, at least by Internal Affiars, through the SD Sheriff, because she gave out someone's confidential info, also.

    For the first time, at this past City Council meeting, she keeps referring to her husband this, her husband that. Suddenly, to our knowledge, she now has two teenage kids, whom she is embarassed to take to Council's City Golf Course, because of the funky look of the tin siding. Also, she is shamed by City Hall roof, now that the library is going in. It was fine for the neighbors to look at all these years.

    Thanks to Christy, in large part, we now have to pay for expansion of clubhouse, and fancy stucco, for all the structures at the Municipal Golf Course, the largest open space in Leucadia, primarily designed for the upper middle class.

    Brandishing her pedigreed manicured nails, Christy seems to reign over the discussions amongst Council. Yet she never stands alone to oppose any proposed regulations. She and Stocks are all for regulations. They care more about control, and micro-management, than most of their constituents opinions.


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