Monday, June 20, 2005

Christy Guerin, "Not feeling the blight"

Well, I just got back from the 4 hour Redevelopment Workshop and boy am I tired.

There is a lot to discuss but the biggest impression I am walking away with is Christy Guerin's comment, "I am not feeling the blight".

This statement received a nice round of applause and I think it was symbolic of the tone of the evening.

Channel 8 news was there and I gave a brief interview. Hopefully they won't use it because one of my life's goals is not to be another a-hole on television.

The turnout for the meeting was fairly good. At least a dozen people called me today to apologize for not being able to attend but I got the impression that everyone who was there was representing all their neighbors. Three generations of Leucadians showed up to hear the what what from the redevelopment boosters.

It's looking like the only reason to declare Leucadia blighted is our flooding problem. Of course the flooding is pretty much the cities fault at this point soooooooo...


The scum sucking bond sales guy really hates Prop. 13 and would probably declare the entire world blighted if he could.

The mild mannered redevelopment guy gave a dreadfully boring power point presentation, ugh.

Two nice ladies from Poway and La Mesa told their redevelopment stories and boy, their blight actually did look like blight in some places but looked nothing at all like Leucadia in any shape or form.

The best part of the evening was waiting for local aggronaunt Gary Murphy to flip his lid. He is half the reason anyone shows up to council meetings in the first place. "I AM THE BLIGHT!" he exclaimed. (Gary lives by the Leucadia park which floods when in heavy rain). Man, that was sweet.

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  1. Can we have more updates on what happened at the meeting? I went to the Padre game last night.

    Peavey for president!!!


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