Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Jerome Stocks Agrees, NOT Blighted!

Here is an e-mail I received from council member Jerome Stocks:

Subject: Re: Leucadia NOT blighted

Dear Mr. and Mrs. St.Pierre;

I view this as an opportunity to keep locally-paid property taxes local in order to help fix local problems with roads and flooding, etc. Many people have fears based on the bad old days, but we can, and should, set rules in place to eliminate the "land grab" power that some RDA's have.

This is not about condeming one private property owner to favor some other private property owner, its truly about keeping more of our locally paid taxes local, and there will need to be many more public meetings before any decision is reached or action is taken.

Hope this information is helpful.

Jerome Stocks
Council Member
City of Encinitas

1 comment:

  1. Jerome Stocks would like to have it both ways. He couldn't stick to his guns on issue of redevelopment of Leucadia Golf Course. He said he liked metal siding, then backed down.

    He would like to be reccommended by Deomocrats, & Unions, yet be photographed with Arnold, who has stated his posing with politicians does not constitute endorsement.

    Stocks and rest of Council need to understand that if City gets to keep more money for redevelopment, then schools, county facilities, and county sheriffs will get much less!


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