Monday, June 13, 2005

Leucadia blight posters appearing all over town.


  1. I saw the flyers walking on neptune ave. I did a google search for leucadia blighted and found this blog. It is a great thing every one is doing for the community at large. My husband and I will be at the city council meeting. We moved to leucadia 5 years ago and dont think it is blighted.

    keep up the effort everyone.

    anonymous because i am too embarrassed to sign my real name and I never write on websites before

  2. Those posters need to be made into t-shirts....

  3. Great work Mary Fleener (artist) and J&J F for getting them up. Keep up the good work guys! Were watching intently from Oregon.


  4. those posters look frightenly similar to gig posters for the old Wig Titan and Lo-fi Nipple gigs at the Leucadian. Half the crowd at those gigs qualified as blighted.
    Good work all!


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