Thursday, June 09, 2005

This Blog was mentioned in the North County Times newspaper

Blogger and town council president uneasy over Leucadia redevelopment


Meanwhile, anxiety over a redevelopment agency ---- and the increased right it would have to seize private property under eminent domain ---- appears to be mounting.

"The threat of eminent domain is a really scary prospect," said Jean Paul St. Pierre, a lifelong resident who has launched an Internet blog on which he posts his and other residents' concerns and criticisms.

To form a redevelopment agency, the city must establish that a neighborhood is run-down, unsafe or economically depressed.

Among council members, Jerome Stocks has been the most outspoken in favor of exploring redevelopment in Leucadia.

He said an agreement can address residents' concerns over eminent domain and neighborhood character before the agency is established.

"I would never vote to support (a redevelopment agency) that has any increased eminent domain powers over what the city already has," Stocks said. "The big fear is we're going to buy up a bunch of little lots, cobble them together and sell them to a big developer. I'm more than willing to establish an agreement that would prevent that."

Leucadia Town Council President Annabell Janssen remained skeptical.


  1. jean paul you should have stayed anyonymous now the city council freaks are going to come after you and your family you should know that you cant fight city hall hasta la bye bye homie.

  2. JP,
    Wow, that's certainly ambitious...not just this particular post but all that involve your love for Leucadia. It's good to see someone so caring for their community. I live in Escondido and I hate it...have hated it for twenty years. Tell the people who want to rip apart Leucadia they are more than welcome to give my rotten city a nice makeover. God knows it needs it (or I'm just bitter because I've lived here too long). Sean - the Submarina in San Marcos guy. I certainly hope my blogsite doesn't freak you out...I'm awfully liberal. S.

  3. Lynn and RussellJune 14, 2005 3:49 PM

    Although I worked, in 1985 for the North Coast Coalition to Incorporate Encinitas, I am dismayed by the direction Encinitas Council has taken! Leucadia is not blighted, our Council is! The corrupt, unacountable city attorneys give conflicted, terrible advice, which Council, in its haste to over-regulate and micro-manage, is far too quick to take. Council is busy patting itself on the back and posturing for its next turn at re-election. They cannot see, or understand opposition to the issues, and do not really understand the citizens, taxpayers and voters.

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