Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Why Baby Boomers, Why?

The above photo is an example of a textbook McMansion. Salmon pink stucco, red Spanish tiles, decorative arches and columns that don't support a load (form follows function?) faux shutters and a small carport with an oversized latently gay vehicle.

I can't figure out some of these Baby Boomers. So many of them are tearing down the lives they spent decades building. They are now divorcing their wives, re-marrying home-wrecking-trophy-wives (who are the same age as their oldest kids) and starting brand new families. All the while polluting the landscape with these hideous McMansions.

Why Baby Boomers, Why?

(And yes, the above photo was taken in an old neighborhood in Encinitas).


  1. don't make fun of my dream house I mean her dream house and do you know anyone that can fix door dents becuasue my car port is to small.

    drunk two buck chuck

  2. Jean-Paul,

    You are right on! Two McMansions have recently been built next to us. City always seems to take sides of developers. Profit is more important than the general public. Too many people in Encinitas are willing to let the old-timers, and old time values go. More and more of our decisions are actually made by corrupt corporations, both public and private.


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