Monday, July 25, 2005

5 Bucks

The city of Encinitas has sent a loud and clear message that it doesn't think much of it's red headed step child, Leucadia and that if Leucadians want improvements then Leucadians need to take matters into their own hands. Never mind that the city has a surplus of funds and has pet projects all over town, if Leucadians want a nice Leucadia then it is up to us man.

The city still thinks we are blighted despite the happy talk damage control of late and after the mini revolt against the RDA we are pretty much cut off from daddy.

So some plucky citizens have taken matters into their own hands and have started a 5 dollar donation program to buy plants to beautify our center medians in Leucadia.

NCT story


By: PHIL DIEHL - Staff Writer

ENCINITAS ---- For five bucks, you can adopt a plant and contribute to the beautification of downtown Leucadia. The Leucadia-Encinitas Highway 101 MainStreet Association plans to put 1,500 plants in the medians of six blocks on North Coast Highway 101, on each side of Leucadia Boulevard between Glaucus and Cadmus streets.

For a minimum donation of $5, donors can sponsor one plant and receive a commemorative card. For $50, donors can buy 10 plants and get a commemorative sticker for their home or office. Encinitas will embed the plants and the irrigation needed to sustain them

To adopt a plant, call Kirpalani at (760) 436-2320 in the association's office at 216 N. Coast Highway, or visit the association's booth at the farmers market at Paul Ecke Central School, 185 Union St., between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on any Sunday

Throw down a Lincoln and plant a ceanothus

I wonder which nursery they are going to buy the plants from?


  1. Gee whiz. Everyone in every part of Encinitas should be very happy that the city painted the NCTD railroad bridge that isn't owned by the city and doesn't belong to the city. The Council's arms are tired after patting themselves on the back for that great feat.

  2. Isn't Jerome Stocks the head of NCTD?

  3. I will donate some plastic pink lawn flamingoes like J.P. has in his yard. I think they would look great along the coast highway.

  4. We have some Pink Flamingos in our backyard.

    Last time I heard, SDG&E had a program providing free shade trees to residents (or business owners??) available to those who plant trees no more than fifty feet from our homes (businesses??) This would be worth checking out. Technically, we own the property to the middle of the street. Govt. has an easement for sidewalks, streets, etc. We can plant in front of our fence lines, next to curb, beyond sidewalks (if you have a curb and sidewalk, that is), as long as the trees are within 50 ft. of our homes (businesses?).

    Call SDG&E to find out more. Theory is shade trees will cut down on energy costs. They would also provide more habitat for songbirds. We miss the birds displaced by over development.


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