Monday, July 25, 2005

Alternative Ideas for Ecke Property

A. Ever been to the stylish Living Desert Zoo in Palm Springs? Despite it's small size it is incredibly enjoyable and well designed. A small zoo would be great for Encinitas and it would compliment the botanical gardens. An Encinitas zoo could specialize in breeding programs and petting corrals for cute fuzzy animals. Good for the kids!

B. Instead of the Eckes just building a bunch of ugly generic homes they could sell the lots individually. Then people could build custom homes and we could end up with an interesting eclectic neighborhood that would be a benefit to the town instead of the eyesore it is sure to be.

C. Since the land is zoned agricultural the Eckes could just sell it to another farmer. Who knows, maybe someone would want to grow something there? Perhaps something edible for a change?

D. A winery is a no brainer. I can't belive the Eckes haven't jumped on that one already.

E. Your idea here...

A big garden maze would be sweet even if horror movies have taught us that they are a bad idea.


  1. From the Ecke's description of the ranch operation, it is a dinosaur. Maybe something like Jurassic Park would work in its place. Giant poinsettias ready to pounce on the unsuspecting vistor.

  2. Gilbert Forester, local grower, has said numerous times that there are in fact growers who would love to buy and grow on that land.

    Ag in San Diego is very profitable (just not as much as building houses).

  3. Encinitas Council has decided we get to vote on this issue come Nov. Only Maggie Houlihan wanted to wait for the Environmental Impact Report. Then the vote could have taken place in June 2006, with the primaries.

    Eckes and rest of Council said no, we will vote in Nov. Our suggestion: vote no. The land was promised, for all time, to be kept ag, or to go back to the City of Encinitas. Eckes, other growers can use the land per their promise, public vote nine years ago, or it can go back to the people for a huge, passive use park.

    We don't have to have every sq. foot built over with hardscapes and expensive "capital improvements." Recent NCT article said that Poway was only SD County city that voted to pay into a special impound account for future pensions, to plan for bad stock market years.

    Right now Encinitas is counting on 7.75% return on stock investments to fund its part of future pension pay outs. And we probably haven't gotten to the point where we are paying out to anyone yet! What happens when new development slows down. City is counting too much on developer fees to sustain the machine.

  4. I got a call from the audio-visual guy at City Hall. I called last Thursday to let them know that Cox 19, CTN, audio was not working, only visual for July 20, 6 pm Council Meeting. So now we are told it will be rebroadcast, with sound this coming Thursday, at 6 P.M. Will there be a Council Meeting tomorrow? If so, that will play afterwards, the following day, after the July 20 meeting. Sitting through 6 to 8 hrs. of Council meetings is really hard. It would help if the Council Members did not go on and on about each agenda item, especially Ms. Guerin. Too often many of the public items seem to be all about PR and Council patting themselves on their collective backs.

    Let the People speak up, more. Answer a few questions. Council is not royalty. Vote out the incumbents, Nov. 2006.


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