Sunday, July 17, 2005

Brake Lights in Coastal Leucadia


The southbound traffic has been backing up to Grandview more than ever lately. Now that people are finally moved into the major sprawl developments in Carlsbad we are feeling the real effects. Get used to it people, the coast highway logjams are no longer flukes. I'm sure once the new mega sprawl that is San Elijo Hills is finished that the traffic will back up to La Costa Ave or even all the way to the Ponto jetties.

Welcome to our new way of life. I'm getting a horse.

*check out the delusional back patting on the San Elijo Hills website. It's hilarious!
Here is a sample:

Diversity is designed into the neighborhoods of San Elijo Hills. By offering a wide variety of housing options, the neighborhoods of San Elijo Hills can accommodate different family sizes, income levels and lifestyles. San Elijo Hills attracts a wide variety of homebuyers, from young professionals to families, from emptynesters to grandparents. Our town planners were inspired by time-proven, classic neighborhoods such as Mission Hills, Coronado, Del Mar and Carlsbad, which accommodate all types of people and lifestyles. The result is a healthy community that avoids cookie-cutter stereotypes.

The architectural themes in San Elijo Hills are based on traditional American and European styles. Each neighborhood is distinctive, yet together they form a unified overall community. Walk the neighborhoods and you will see attention in the details. A window on a house inspired by a 1930's Spanish stucco classic in Kensington. Towncenter streets that are reminiscent of the friendly environment of downtown Carlsbad. A swing chaise on a front porch, just like a Cape Cod house in Coronado. All these elements, both functional and decorative, are designed to capture the feeling that is found in established older, Coastal California neighborhoods.


  1. This is the new millenium. Traffic and congestion is the new way. It represents the expression of our freedoms and expanding economic opportunity.

    It is the way San Diego is going to be. If you don't like it you should form a group and buy all of the property in San Diego then tear down all the houses.

  2. It has been suggested that Southbound 101 be made ONE LANE for the entire length of North Coast Hwy 101. I used to think that idea was not sane, "bottle necking" a Hwy like that. Seems it would only make traffic congestion worse. But if the new neighbors in Carlsbad are just using 101 to fast track their journey to Sorento Valley, (and other desinations outside Encinitas every day,) they are the ones inhibiting our flow and making it harder for shoppers to patronize our businesses here. I now believe by limiting southbound 101 to one lane, it would not only train commuters to use the freeway instead, it would nearly double our business district's street parking by allowing diagonal spaces for most of our 2 miles from La Costa Ave. to Encinitas Blvd. Add to that a lower speed limit of 35 MPH and a rail trail on the Railroad right of way for bikes and we've increased saftey for everyone a huge amount while making the neighborhood and local commerce vastly more enjoyable.

  3. I-5 should have a moveable center barrier like the Coronado bridge does. Open more lanes southbound in the morning and then visa versa.

    During the downtown Encinitas beautification I suggested that 101 be one way and 2nd St. be one way. I thought that would revitalize 2nd St. and then parking would be easier on 101.

    No-one else really liked that idea though, ha-ha.

  4. Some of the hideous traffic on North Coast Hwy 101 is runoff from racetrack, like today. Ugh!!!!


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