Thursday, July 14, 2005

City Council Meeting Re-Cap

I pulled into the city hall parking lot with minutes to spare. K-uuuuuuuuuu-SI news was there. I tried to get in the background shot doing a mime routine but they had just wrapped up.


Lots of people showed up at the meeting. I like to sit up front. Quite a few people were hanging out in the "special room" behind the glass.

First up, a rousing music video dedicated to all the super duper neat-o park events we have. There are many, many, many group events to be involved in. July is parks and recreation month. If you are going to do any recreating this is the time do it (unless you are an angry loner or a hermit). The song for the video was "shake it like a polaroid" by Outkast.

*I may have to get involved with adult co-ed kickball (135 participants!)

Then we had a nice tribute to Ida Lou Coley, a lovely civic minded lady who passed away recently.

After the tribute I realize that everyone but me has yellow sheets of paper. This must be tonight's agenda. Shoots, I forgot to pick one up. Now if I stand up and leave the room everyone will stare because I am sitting in the front. This pretty much sums up my high school experience.

Now a man gets up to speak about cops and civil rights. He runs a site called Cop Watch. He says Encinitas cop cars should be equipped with video surveillance. That is a good idea. Did you know that our cops don't communicate with radios? They use cell phones!

Then we had a presentation about the Rancho Humane society re-zone dealywig. Puppies and kitties! It passed.

Then we had a presentation about a strange little rezone on El Camino Real. Say goodbye to that pretty little hill by Frog's. It passed. (Jim Bond commented about something I am always ranting about. That El Camino Real is totally FUBAR. It is so dang hard to run errands out there. None of the shopping centers connect and you have to make a million u-turns. I hate that whole corridor).

By the way, local city watcher Donna Westbrook got up to speak several times during the evening. She asked a lot of intriguing questions and all of them were ignored.

I learned one thing last night, this town has feaking bocce ball fever! I had no idea! I personally love any sport that you can do with a beer in your hand. Horseshoes is still a bit more manly but with bocce you can pretend you have class.

Bocce ball truly is a pulse pounding sport. But I'm confused, I always played it on the beach where it is free range. These small courts seem kinda fascist to me.

There are going to be two bocce ball courts built at Oak Crest park with private donations. Mo Ecke was there advocating for it and shoots man, that gave me an idea today. I wish I thought of it last night because I would have stood up and screamed "Eureka!"

The "useless" land owned by the Eckes that they want rezoned to build ugly houses (I assume) should be used to make the Ultimate Bocce Ball Fields of Encinitas. We could have international tournaments. I'm talking ESPN. There could be a snack stand that sells booze and saucy t-shirts that say things like, Encinitas Has Balls and Got Balls?

North County Times story online

Interesting NCT column that compares Stocks to founding fathers(?!?)

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  1. With bocce ball you can pretend you have class.



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