Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Classic Headline in NCT

Sting ray attacks plague Encinitas beaches

Okay, look man...stingrays don't "attack" people. This isn't a Hitchcock film. The rays are not banding together to take out humanity. Stingrays cruise along the sandy bottom looking for stuff to eat. They have a stinger on their tail and if you step on them the stinger might go in your foot and...well, sting you.

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Yet another private Kahuna Bob surf lesson goes wrong.


  1. That's right JP.
    Not only do they not "attack" people,
    Lifeguards should NOT "use cool water to ease the pain of the stings". Get yer foot in a pot of HOT water as soon as possible, as hot as you can stand.
    And when it cools down, Heat it up again.
    And do the Stingray shuffle for god sakes.

  2. hey
    i was brutally attacked by one at Georges on Wednesday.
    Hurt like H E double hockey sticks.
    Ban Stingrays now!

    ok I stepped on the poor guy but he didn't have to shoot me full of pain poison.


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