Friday, July 01, 2005

Jerome Stocks Makes a Statement

NCT Article

Jerome Stocks made the front page of the North County Times yesterday. His proposal didn't come as a surprise to me because he had mentioned such a thing several times in e-mail exchanges. This should mitigate a lot of damage his reputation has suffered over the Hall/park property thing.

I'm glad Stocks made this proposal, I believe the council when they say they don't want to become landsnatchers (who wants that label to follow you in life?). If the council went ahead with redevelopment the citizens were going to force a ballot measure anyway so in a way this is a time saver.

Here is my prediction, the council will now push ahead with forming an RDA for Leucadia. Those redevelopment plans will call for bulldozing many existing buildings (remember, the city needs to find 30 million in new taxes so all you coastal Prop. 13 freeloaders watch out).

The plan will go to the voters. The plan will pass because all the newbies in "new" Encinitas will only take 3 seconds to consider what blight really means. The "new" Encinitas voters will surely vote for redevelopment because this will be their chance to finally get rid of all the icky Mexicans on Vulcan Ave. That sounds harsh but we know this to be true.

However, I'm not a total pessimist. A 2/3rds vote is in Leucadia's favor. I would like to think that the majority of red blooded Americans wouldn't vote to take another person's private property. That would be mob mentality.

This was a smart move by Stocks, and I think it was the correct move. Jerome knows the Supreme Court decision was wack and this is a great way to go on public record against it. Does this mean that your property in Leucadia is safe? No, but at least we have a chance to protect it.

Captain Blighty?

Is this a Smoke Screen?

(from the comment page)

Don't be fooled again.!

Jerome Stocks is creating a smoke screen with this ordinance so that redevelopment can be brought in. From what I have read the Redevelopment Agency follows state statute (all 340 pages worth) not city ordinances. I think we need to have our own workshop with a land use attorney present to give an opinion as to what can really happen under the present Supreme Court decision. Does anyone know an attorney who deals with this?

I heard that anyone who reads all 304 pages on the state statute gets a free small soda with their lunch at Jaunita's!


  1. You know the council has an experienced person in redevelopment at city hall. The city manager was at South Lake Tahoe during ten years of their redevelopment agency. The city manager could give valuable information on the South Lake Tahoe redevelopment agency.

  2. The twilight zone is alive and well.

    Many of Jerome Stocks political contributions were from developers.

  3. Nothing has changed with the court ruling. Stocks could have promoted this issue years ago.

    It was only after Leucadia got organised and threatned to expose Stocks as a phony that we see this from Stocks. He aligns himself with and takes illegal campaign contributions from the bad type of developers. The type that landsnatch and come in and ruin neighborhoods, cities, and regions then take the profits and move to a part of Montana where there are no track homes and leave the residents wishing they could sell and move to Montana, but their property is now less desirable because it is so packed.

    Why don't we see Stocks also claiming that the redevelopment agency won't allow any extra intensification of development, which is the real pot at the end of the redevelopment rainbow?

    Because if he did that then he would not be able to make any of his bones with big developers and he would not be able to fund his next nasty campaign, into higher office. Dang... this guy even ran a smear campaign when running for school board (he lost btw). It takes a lot of money to sponser big smear and distortion campaigns.

  4. Unfair City PracticesJuly 01, 2005 11:27 PM

    I hope Stocks idea will be passed. The July 13, 6 P.M. Wednesday night Council meeting will be interesting. If you can't attend, you can watch it on Cox 19, at 6 P.M. the following day, usually.

    Whatever Stocks motives, the public vote with a 2/3 majority required for eminent domain is a good idea. We have to protect ourselves from the tragic ruling of the Supreme Court.

    Also, we need to question Dan Dalager's assertions that he would not favor selling off of parkland property without a trade. We all have to remember, the deal that we voted on 10 years ago was that the Ecke's and their heirs would maintain their agricultural concerns on the property, for all time, if we agreed to rezone part of the property for the Golf Course and Encinitas Ranch. If the Eckes changed their minds, and wanted to move their ag business elsewhere, the prized property would revert to the city.

    We should have a built in guarantee. Already the City is breaking its promises to the citizens. The public works yard and a tiny two acre park, in exchange for more development near Quail Gardens for the Eckes. This has got to stop.

    We think its sad that by far the biggest open space is the golf course. Now, where our previous, typically uncrowded library sat, and where our public works yard was, sits a demolition site. Right now the public works yard is at Pacific View School. The recently replaced Encinitas Union School Super wanted to turn that lovely property into a high density commercial development, too!

  5. Happy Independence Day everybody!

    While we celebrate, let's remember to stand up for our freedoms and rights, or we will lose them.

    This city was founded by the North Coast Coalition to Incorporate to enable local control, to slow down exploitive development, and to preserve our community character. Let's try to help the "newbies" feel the charm, understand why blight does not make right.

  6. Holiday Alert!July 02, 2005 8:55 PM

    "Duke-Stir" is supposed to be at Cottonwood Creek Park on the morning of the 4th!! Will he make it?????? We're going, bringing a chair and a book.

    Free pancakes 8-9 a.m. Parking is difficult, so come early, or try taking a long walk!

    Judge Long

  7. Grateful but cynicalJuly 05, 2005 10:07 AM

    Sorry to say, Duke was a no-show. To embarrasing to face even his fans, I guess.

    Dan Dalager made it to Cottonwood Creek deal. Didn't stay too long. Didn't speak to us, though we had wanted a word with him.

    Just hope everyone had a good long weekend, in the case of city staff, a four day weekend! Oh those government perks!

  8. Ooops! Should be too embarrassing. JP, where are you? Hope you had a great break!


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