Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mo' Money for Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Assoc.

NCT link

I like the facade improvement program the group has. It's an example of how Leucadia is improving itself naturally without having to tear the whole thing apart.

If you have a business on coastal Leucadia click this.

"The $20,000 from the city would more than double the association's $19,500 in yearly revenue. It would pay rent for office space and to increase the hours of a part-time staffer, program director Paula Kirpalani said Monday.

Under the proposed contract, the organization would receive $1,666 per month for one year to provide management services within the district."

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  1. This shows how far a relatively small amount of moola can go. City should concentrate on this type of smaller support, and steer away from huge capital improvement expenses.

    I saw in today's NCT that Carlsbad has an ordinance, from 1982, I believe, limiting expenditures for Capital improvements to $1 million or less, not including routine upgrades and maintenance.

    We do not need more vanity projects for our leap frogging Council.


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