Saturday, July 30, 2005

Slater Agrees, Leucadia NOT Blighted

County Supervisor Pam Slater said that Leucadia don't need no stinking redevelopement agency at a luncheon. (A luncheon is what important people call lunch).

NCT link

Other Slaters who agree that Leucadia is not blighted are:

Six time world surfing champ Kelly Slater who hangs out in Leucadia with local surf hero Rob Machado from time to time.

Slater from Saved by the Bell, top right. I used to see him at the Escape club in Tijuana in the early 90's. He said he loved Leucadia.


  1. Poinsettia ParkJuly 30, 2005 2:58 PM

    Ha!! you know, lol.

    "When I saw this being looked at again, I thought they'd forgotten history," Slater-Price said. Slater-Price should know, as a former Leucadia resident, Councilwoman.

    Yes, this same thing can be said about the history of the Eckes rezone deal. Once again we are being promised land will go back to the city if the remaining ag is not kept ag. Once again we are being told Eckes need capital to modernize, or else they will have to leave.

    If new age of developers did leave, the heritage of the land would remain - a beautiful Poinsettia Park.

  2. Why did they cancel the July 27, calendared City Council meeting?

    What about the scheduled agenda items mentioned in Anyone?

  3. Good article in yesterday's Coast News, Community Commentary in Opinion section from Sheila Cameron, who also lives here, was onetime well loved Mayor and Councilwoman.

    Sheila's comments speak to facts that show Ecke heirs are trying to pull poinsettias over our eyes. We hope people who don't know the history of this issue do not vote. Because those who do, will surely vote no!! People have made their wishes clear, by voting before, just as the good citizens of Leucadia had before made it crystal clear we are not, do not want to be declared blighted!!

  4. We have some Pink Flamingos in our backyard.

    Last time I heard, SDG&E had a program providing free shade trees to residents (or business owners??) available to those who plant trees no more than fifty feet from our homes (businesses??) This would be worth checking out.

    Technically, we own the property to the middle of the street. Govt. has an easement for sidewalks, streets, etc. We can plant in front of our fence lines, next to curb, beyond sidewalks (if you have a curb and sidewalk, that is), as long as the trees are within 50 ft. of our homes (businesses?).

    Call SDG&E to find out more. Theory is shade trees will cut down on energy costs. They would also provide more habitat for songbirds. We miss the birds displaced by over development.

    The worst blight is that of the demolition and deconstruction of the older homes, clearing of all vegetation that comes just before "planting" of new "Cape Cod" or "Nantucket" McMansions.


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