Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Attn: Yuppie Dorks, Dirt is not Sand

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Story in the North County Times about that hotel (which is now some sort of scammy condo deal) to be built on that pretty piece of land at the end of North Leucadia. The suits from KSL Encinitas Resort Co., which also owns the La Costa Resort and Hotel Del Coronado, probably haven't been to the site lately but if they had they would notice that there is a really nice natural beach there with our famous perfect Leucadia sand. There are a few cobble stones sure, but that changes daily.

Of course these knuckleheads want to dump the brown cliff dirt on top of the beautiful natural beach.

Maybe they could just give the extra dirt to David Meyer? (zing!)

The site used to home to the classic Barker's Noah's Ark restaurant.


  1. J.P. this brings back memories of sitting in that rocky ashtray sand they trucked in from Arizona at d-st. That stuff hurt to sit on.

  2. Loves sand, common manSeptember 04, 2005 5:16 PM

    Glad to be back from a trip. Sorry for victims of improper planning, diverted disaster relief funds in LA and MS.

    Yes, why can't "powers that be," whoever they may be, finally rexamine their values. Money does not equal truth, justice, inherrent value. Dirt is not sand. Short term profit for a few is not quality of life.


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