Monday, August 22, 2005

I Am Not a NIMBY

I am not a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard).

A NIMBY is regarded as anti-development. I am not this. I like buildings. My wife graduated from architecture school last year. She has several projects going up around town right now. They are good clean designs and her customers are happy campers.

I am not anti-development in Leucadia. I am against declaring Leucadia "blighted" because that was a colossal scam. I am anti-scam, which makes me unpopular with some powerful people in this town. Boo frickin' hoo.

I want to see the empty lots in Leucadia developed. But I don't want to see Leucadia become littered with ugly pink pseudo Tuscany villa lot busters like in Carlsbad. I really don't consider this to be an extreme viewpoint.

Attention Baby Boomer developers: I know that when you are out on the golf course dipping into your third beer of the morning that good architecture is the last thing on your mind but consider this, you are spending far too much money constructing those tacky homoerotic McMansions.

Good clean design not only looks better and functions better, but it is more cost effective. Why are you wasting $200 a square foot construction cost on those goofy faux castle turrets? Are you trying to launder money or something because you can't possibly think your "Old Creek Ranch" or "Nantucket" or "Rancho Villa Hamptons" are in good taste. I mean, even Liberace thinks your houses are gay.

Thank goodness Encinitas no longer allows paranoid gated communities. Don't build in a town if you are afraid of your neighbors.

Architecture these days has been committeed to death. Too many cooks in the corporate kitchen.

So please, if you own some land by all means build yourself some shelter. But remember, architecture begins with the site. Maybe take a gander at it first before just bulldozing it and importing a bunch of fill dirt.

There is a whole new generation of gifted architects coming out of San Diego right now. It's up to you to have the foresight and vision to really do good for the future of North County. You will save an assload of money while you are at it so it's a win win.

I got your back.

*Note-Beware the NIMNBY, Not In My New Back Yard. This person moves into your neighborhood and then tries to ban your kids from skateboarding down the street or something.


  1. a nimby is a nimbyAugust 22, 2005 10:55 PM

    NIMBYs also say no to toxic dumps.

  2. Toxic waste dumps? Just pay off some third world dictator to store it in one his many ghettos. I mean, who is going to complain? Poor people?

  3. Hey. Isn't that Barratt/David Meyer construction site off of Andrew contaminated? How did that thing get through without having to do testing and clean up.

    Maybe you don't need to go to the third world.

  4. This town's soil is loaded with contaminants. How much poison does it take to grow the floral fruitcake of Christmas?

    The Flower Capital of zee World rocks!

  5. Why do you hate 3 beer drinking golfers so much?

  6. cuz 3 beer drinking golfers are light weights. 3 pfhhht!

  7. I noticed the comment about NIMBY stopping the kids from skateboarding which really hit home. There is a woman on Parkwood Place who yells at all of the children who skateboard on the street. She went so far as to put up a sign saying that the street was private property, complete with a civil code.

    I went to City hall and it turns out that her street is not a private street, the residents just chose to maintain it.

    When I complained to our lovely city council that one of their public streets was being held hostage to a wicked woman who wants to prevent children from having fun, they did absolutely nothing.

    If you are ever in the area of Parkwood place please feel free to play on the street.


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