Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What IS it about then?

Maggie will keep your kitty safe from David Meyer's evil clown.


  1. JP you are never going to let that go are you? lol

  2. It has been about a year. Clown deal deserves revisiting, we think.

    If you can't stand the circus, Maggie, get out of the ring!

    Clowns, like heads of so-called grassroots steering committees, have a right of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, too.

    You cannot legislate morality. Although we only saw pictures, the clown was probably mean spirited. Still, we like most clowns.

    This particular clown certainly did not deserve to have her wig ripped off, thrown into a fountain. Female clown, which was not a great likeness of Maggie (don't most clowns have red hair?)ended up being literally battered by what appeared (in newspaper articles) to be some of Maggie's angry supporters, at the Lumberyard, about a year ago.

    People voted Maggie back in, thanks in great part to all of the legwork and unflagging efforts of her loyal supporters. Maggie needs to show more leadership, and to stand up to the alliances that are being formed on the reality show that poses as our Council.

    The way our system is set up, as in Maggie's case, when we voted in the last election for three candidates, no single candidate generally receives a majority.

    In 2006 we get to vote for two council members. We will not be voting for Guerin and Dalager. They have not served us well. Vote out Incumbents!

    Please notice how Christy usually goes on and on, but is never, that we've ever seen, amenable to answering questions in open session. She let Dennis Holz and Sheila Cameron's influence get her elected in 1998. Christy has betrayed them, Sheila in particular, in our view, and many, many others of us. Cry out loud!

    We should have an elected mayor, with runoffs in the primaries, and an elected City Attorney. Only then are a majority of voters represented more fairly. In this way at least the power that might corrupt would be the power of the majority, and not special interests. Perhaps if we had a full time mayor, we could cut way back on some of the city's frivolous litigation fees.

    During those budget discussions by Council which we heard in open session, the amount of money paid out for legal services for City Attorneys and outside attorneys was not broken down for the public, we noticed. It should be! By case.

    We want slow growth. We want the City to abide by its own laws and State law. Get real, play fair. Give the people someone, something to trust, to believe in.

  3. Isn't Meyer anEcke?

    Didn't Meyer's clown hold a sign that said, "it isn't about the cat."

    Now we know it was about Meyer getting a wink and a nod from the City on his cheating the system.

    keep an eye on what develops over on the Andrew development

    see www.leucadiacares.blogspot.com

    (Who was it that was paying for all the negative anti-Ehler anti-Maggie mailers and phone calls? Was that the Ecke family too?)

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  5. I will continue to bring up the freaky clown/cat thing not because I'm any sort of big Maggie fan, but because it was that event that made me think, "This town is full of idiots, I have to start a website about these retards."
    So, a year later I have a lot of catching up to do. Besides, I love cats. Cats are cool.


  6. calling meyer a retard is an insult to retards

  7. funny thing about the clown in the last election. I voted for Maggie because of the clown. Many friends did also. the only thing it made me think is that the Meyer guy behind is the one that can't be trusted and should be under investigation.

  8. can the art commission?August 18, 2005 1:27 PM

    The arts commission wants public art all over town. They should start with the city's $50,000 painting of the NCTD bridge.

    The delicate bird netting with its subtle but vibrant placement of pigeon feathers and the spattering of off-white pigeon poop on the sides of the bridge brings a sense of sophistication yet earthy deference to the "gateway" to the heart of Encinitas. Artistically arranged by young pigeons without formal art training, this is a not to miss showing. Can you see the tourists flocking now.

  9. I am a San Diegan for over 40 years and I like your site; I remember when La Jolla was funky--inexpensive apartments and cottages--rents for under $150 a month up the street from Windansea Beach, beer and wine bars and easy going people. Best wishes, Michael Difani.


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