Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Baby Steps Towards Improving Leucadia

Now that total redevelopment is dead a lot of long overdue improvements are finally being done. There are a lot of conspiracy theories about work getting put on hold over the years in order to make Leucadia seem "blighted".

The little Leucadia Wino Park has new sod and other improvements and the street going up to the Beacon's beach parking lot has been repaved. I'm happy about that.


  1. Preserve Perpetuity PromiseSeptember 27, 2005 8:18 PM

    Sometimes conspiracy theories are correct. Sometimes, not. Leucadia is improving. That is a positive. Did anyone see KPBS tonight re Ecke development? Pretty good. Gill Forrester seems much more credible than Paul Ecke III.

    No one metioned the fact that land is supposed to go to City of Encinitas for open space if Eckes choose to relocate agricultural concerns.

    Eckes are spending a lot of money on propaganda, open greenhouses, etc. Money talks, grassrooters walk. Let's hope people take the time to read/look at both sides.

    No on A in Nov. Open space matters. A promise is a promise.

  2. Gilbert Foerster Rocks!September 28, 2005 2:46 PM

    Sorry, Gil, about the misspelling of your name. But your message is coming across loud and clear, to those of us whose eyes, ears, hearts, minds are open. No on A in November!

    Thank you for working with us to help preserve a way of life, a precious heritage of land use, community diversity.

  3. leucadia main street 2nd annual membership meeting on the 14th at paul ecke central school at 6/pm. open to all. it's important that we search for ways to enhance the downtown core WITHOUT redevelopment. we have to make sure leucadia can NEVER be considered blighted, funky yes.


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