Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Downtown Encinitas Rakes In 29 Meeellion Bucks!

DEMA link

The most important part of the press release is this:

Encinitas is unique in the fact that it is one of the few cities in San Diego County without a redevelopment agency. Typically, cities rely on redevelopment agencies and economic development agencies in many case both, to "redevelop" older section of their cities that are for whatever reason less viable than before, and suffering through "consumer neglect" resulting in deteriorating sales tax and other problems requiring increased city services.

18 years ago, Encinitas opted for a different way, it signed up for a pilot program through the State of California and the National Trust for Historic Preservation to be a designated Mainstreet city. Mainstreet is a strategy developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation that seeks to use preservation and incremental improvements focused on the inherent strengths of a district and its stakeholders, to promote a "restoration" of the vitality of the district.

If only poor "blighted" Leucadia had been so lucky.


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  2. Oh oh! Are we being infected by spam now, too?

  3. I am grateful we don't have an RDA, redevelopment agency, although Council "explored" that option thru Stocks and his cronies. We wouldn't let it fly here, though, as we did not years ago. Although we may have been slighted, we are definitely not blighted.

    Council does support a facade program for North Coast Hwy 101. And we supposedly have a view corridor here. I think the mainstreet program and historic preservation should apply to Leucadia, too! Coastal Commission does have some language re historic preservation. Isn't Dalager in charge of that, supposedly, with regard to our city?

  4. Blogspot has a verification code feature but it is a bit of a hassle for the reader so for now I'll just delete the annoying spam one by one.

  5. DEMA is making a lot of money. Isn't Dalager and Stocks good buds with the Sham Chamber of Commerce and some of the Dema guys(some of Dema guys are cool)?

    If they are doing so well why doesn't they self support themselves and stop asking the City for promotional handouts. How many tens of grands does the Council give to the merchants and the chamber?

    Big question is, if those funds make the merchants profitable then why don't they want to pony up the money themselves? Government "intrusion" is bad... except if the intrusion is marketing and services that THEY see as assistance.

    The Council says we have lots of money, but then all five turn around and approve $100k to support a vote to raise our taxes (which will go into the GENERAL FUND).

    "Keystone Council"

  6. So now we see in paper that Guerin's cohorts got a giiiiant contract, a lot more money for no more services.

    Seems, in part thanks to gung-ho Guerin, we have more cops per capita than any other town in North County. Are we that fearful?

    And we notice that new Art Director is now in charge of all community grants, with $50,000 being the grand allotment. Director's pay is $84,000.00 plus, for former director of Crystal Cathedral?

    We should get Pat Robertson on Council. Maybe Robertson and Guerin could nail a few more they deem expendable\illegal\guilty\nuisance\hostile.


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