Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ecke Re-Education Camps Begin

Today is the first in a series of tours of Ecke Ranch. Right now 100 of our fellow citizens are learning about the most important thing in the Encinitas microverse, the holy poinsettia.

Paul Ecke III?

You will vote yes on prop. A

Don't be suprised if later today you see someone running through the woody show screaming this.


  1. Soilant Red is People!

    Eckes started out ok. But now they are feeding on the people, crying their "we need to modernize" re-occurring theme, to all who will listen, like City Council.

    New crop of Eckes want to take advantage of pre-existers to plant a bunch of McMansions, crowd our streets more, then claim they will provide traffic reducing ammenities. Subdivisions are required to mitigate for traffic, regardless. Traffic control is not a "significant public benefit." The Eckes would be required to mitigate traffic created by their own developments.

    Just hope enough of us have a handle on what is going on here, can resist the Poinsettia Spin factor, so that Prop A will go down in flames come November.

  2. poinsettias, what a waste of time ,they sell for what two weeks a year? The gift of choice from your drunk uncle. Eckes should grow tomatoes if they like red so much have you seen the price they get for "heritage tomatoes" at Jimbo's?

  3. from Stinky West NileSeptember 18, 2005 4:32 PM

    Steel Reservist, your sarcasm is lost on this blog. I don't think any contributors think meth is hip, including you...What are you talking about? Trying to mess up the blog for the rest of us?

    Please don't abuse this platform for those of us who relish our freedom of speech/press. Do not hide your mean pranks behind your anonymity. You know who you are.

    A coward and a deceiver. Your reputation precedes you.

  4. The lonely east nileSeptember 19, 2005 11:16 AM

    Dear Stinky West Nile,

    My deepest apologies go out to you and yours if my thinly veiled attempt at sarcasm and toilet humor somehow detracted from or "messed up" your blog experience. It was my understanding that meth is widely considered to be "un-hip". Thus, my statement would certainly not be construed as a message in support of it's use. I can see now that I was wrong.

    On the other hand, Van Halen is considered to be hip by a great number of high caliber individuals. (assuming we all agree that Van Halen "died" when DLR left). So perhaps that is where my delivery done gone awry. But this is all pure speculation on my part, and for the sake of delicate sensibilities everywhere, I will cease and desist said speculating.

    Now, as far as relish and freedom of speech goes, there are very few things I enjoy more. Although diced onions come in a close second place.

    Drunk uncles are people too.

  5. A favorite saying in politicking is that it's like putting lipstick on a pig.

  6. I just received a call and caller ID said "Out of area". When I answered there was a human being that sounded mentally inept. He was calling my number, which has been specifically designated as forbidden to telemarketers.

    This sorry individual wanted to discuss keeping the Ecke Poinsetta ranch in Encinitas.

    I laid into this pour soul. It is truly disturbing that the Eckes have resorted to calling people on the do not call list to solicit political support. I wonder if there is a way to report them and make them pay a fine, or even better, stop calling!

  7. Uncle Lonely, okay. I had not understood. No worries. Personally, I prefer Eddie Van Halen. Better musician. In near distant past, I used to enjoy doing aerobics to Jump with DLR. Slow Hands was good too, for sweet soul-sister contrast.

    Sad to see stuff in Coast News about so-called "Surfers' Point." Little people, slow-growthers seem to be losing more and more control, losing ground. Development does not promote diversity. Only highest digit denominator is considered.

    Whatever developers want, developers get. Yeah, too bad, so sad.

    Was gonzo Ponto time share rentals the real reason why Council said no more short term rentals for those of us with rooms, granny shacks to share? Like the blight deal, Council had years before lifted ban on short term rentals. Now they rather abruptly decided City must further restrict our property rights, despite widespread public sentiment.

    Some (with deep pockets) are listened to. Others of us are ignored, or worse, persecuted for championing our individual rights of self-determination, pursuits of happiness. Micro-managers, control freaks, don't tread on us!

    Anyone go to or see on tv last Council meeting? I am curious about granny flat "policy" that was discussed, per Coast News piece. City has unenforceable, inconsistently applied policy, which definitely discriminates against individuals who are not backed by a squad of power hungry hanger-on'ers, yes men/women and greedy profiteers.

    We shall weather the storms. Maybe a tsunami will come and wipe out bogus new-build.

    We are tired of same old letters in paper from Ecke III's spin team of hucksters and hacks. Grandpa may be rolling over in his grave. He left Eagle Rock (home of Occidental College, near San Gabriel Mountains, because of overdevelopment in LA area. Now Ecke's are trying to take advantage, go back on their perpetual promises. Come Nov., vote no on blow it renegers.

  8. Happy Autumnal Equinox everybody! We can work together/play together to be happy.

    Sending good vibrations to all past, current and potential storm victims.

  9. JP, are you okay, buddy?

    It has been a long while, friend.

  10. I think the waves have been good, so we should let JP have a break.

    Thanks for the blog JP.


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