Sunday, September 11, 2005

Eminent Domain in Olivenhain!

NCT story by Adam Kaye Link

Mr. and Mrs. Garner of Olivenhain are going to lose a chunk of their personal private property for a road widening.

Expanding roads and infrastructure is the "good" kind of eminent domain right?

But first we must think, why does this road need to be widened?

It is so the new residents of the sprawling insta-town of San Elijo Hills can better access Target and Barnes&Noble and Stater Bros. all part of the Ecke Ranch shopping center.

This is an example of backdoor loss of property to another private party. Technically the city is taking your land, but it is the for the benefit of another private party. This is exactly what happened to the people who lived on Leucadia Blvd. They lost their homes for the benefit of the same Ecke shopping center.

Remember at the city council meeting about Jerome Stocks' then proposed anti-eminent domain ordinance that a lady lawyer got up and spoke about the need for eminent domain in Olivenhain specifically? Coincidence?


  1. If wishes were watchesSeptember 11, 2005 11:59 PM

    Is our new anti eminent domain ordinance any good at all? Looks like Stocks should take stock of his own press releases and implied promises.

    Is he all bluster, no substance? City wants expanding tax basis, new development fees, new reasons to hire new planners, bogus "art directors who get paid 800% of what's available for artists' grants.

    City doesn't care about pre-existing neighborhoods. Wish we had never incorporated. Pam Slater is better than the sell-outs on our Council now.

  2. and dont buy a car from any Mossy dealership. Check what they are trying to pull in National City

  3. You ask, "Is our new anti eminent domain ordinance any good at all?"

    It does nothing at all, expect trick the electorate into believing that Stocks did something. State law already protects us from from having our land transferred to another private individual (except if the area is declared blighted which is what the council was trying to do in Leucadia).

    Your City is going to force a sale of land from an Encinitas resident so that Carlsbad and San Elijo Hills can get to the I5 faster. I think we should have those residents to pony up and buy (without eminent domain) the land and pay the million dollars to widen the road. Not the residents of Encinitas. Carlsbad doesn't help us with our traffic flow through their town. Ever tried to surf Ponto?

    Why wasn't the road widened before, at the time all those houses went in? Didn't they know that more houses means more traffic... or did the developers "convince" the local Cities that there wouldn't be any traffic impact requiring road widening (they might have had the same PR team as Ecke). Guess they were wrong.


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