Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Illegal Alien Labor & Ecke Ranch

Ecke Ranch has always been a mecca for illegal aliens. When I was a little kid I remember riding my dirt bike on the trails of what is now the shopping center and seeing the large migrant worker camp.

I wonder how much money the Eckes have saved in tax free low cost labor over the decades?

I wonder how many of those illegal aliens ever received free medical care from Scripps at the taxpayer's expense?

I wonder how many of those illegal aliens committed petty to serious crimes against the legal citizens?

Is that how the Eckes became millionaires? By employing a cash under the table labor force?

We know one thing for sure, none of those workers were "coddled".

Yup, the Eckes are true local hero's


  1. billionaires, not millionaires.

    The old generation of Eckeshad a bad side, but they at least were somewhat balanced by a good side.

    The new generation are trustfund baby types that know that they pull the strings in this City... and don't have much of a good side (at the community level). That's why when Ecke's cronies at the chamber of commerce kicked off the P.R. blitz by giving PIII a "hero" award and naming it after him, they had to invoke thing his ancestors did. Should have been called the Paul Sr. Hero award, but that wouldn't be high quality P.R. for PIII.

    Notice who is now on Ecke's "grass roots" campaign team. How much money do they have to get paid?

  2. Think about the StinkSeptember 28, 2005 2:40 PM

    Come October, or before, we will see a slew of campaign propaganda hit pieces and letters from PEIII and yes men/women. Canned letters to the editor is one big method, profiteers will employ.

    Conversely, we really appreciated Gil Foerster's paid opinion piece in 9/2/05 Coast News, and his sound reasoning opposing Ecke's land grab (away from agriculture use) on KPBS, Channel 11, last night. He is in the biz, and knows what he is talking about.

    Paul Ecke III came off looking, and sounding, like he can barely contain his disrespect and disdain of those who may disagree with him. Yes, they are trying to promote their bs slogan, save the flowers. Lots more manure than poinsettia growing going on with the Eckes camp.

    We still say Grandpa Ecke is probably cringing in the clouds. When Eagle Rock got too built up, he relocated. Eckes have done that, in Guatemala. Here, they promised that the zoning on remaining acres would be open space/agricultural.

    A promise is a promise. Don't cave in. No on A. Don't be fooled by glib spinmasters, who would rob us of our heritage of diversity, including agricultural integrity of lands zoned, in perpetuity, for that beneficial use. Eckes do not need to "modernize" at our expense. Don't bargain with someone we can't trust to keep his/their word.

  3. J.P>this is why I have always liked tlaking to you because you piss off the hippys and the republicans.


  4. Hoorah!

    Great stuff in today's Coast News. Another full page piece by grower Gil Foerster. And editor of the paper, Jim Kydd, also provides a full page of info, support for No on A.

    Good commentary in both, and in Lorri Greene's letter to the editor, as well as letter by Curtis McBride. Coast News announces it is sponsoring a poetry contest: $500.00 for a poem in support of No on A. Way to go, way to exercise your First Amendment rights, Coast News.

    Glad you weren't intimidated by PEIII's cohorts' letters suggesting paper should be sued for publishing uncomplimentary picture of Crabby Paul III. He has reason to look flustered, bothered.

    Although Council is supposed to be neutral on public votes, Jerome Stocks has definitely come out, in Ecke's propaganda brochure, for land swap's being a "win, win." Same canned insurance salesman jive, mirrored in Cathy Eischen's pro A letter. Win-win for whom? For Eckes and associates. It would be a big loss for us, Cathy. A new road will not make up for the huge increase in traffic, or the burden on our already overtaxed infrastructure, including water availability. Council members who have sat on water authority board should know this. Voters, inform yourself. Do not be fooled by opinions masquerading as facts.

    Christy, cute as a missing button, Guerin, has also supported Ecke's ballot measure. These Council people should check law, precedent, searh their consciences (if they can locate them) for ethical restraint. Council is required to be neutral, not campaign, or be part of a campaign for or against a measure on the ballot.

    Council routinely violates the Ralph M. Brown Act, too many unreported closed sections. When actions are taken, when a vote is taken, that is required to be reported. Period.

  5. I never thought about the illegal aliens at ecke before. Somebody should bring this up at a city council meeting. Everyday there is a big group of illegal aliens in front of the shell station on encinitas boulverd.

  6. Hey J.P.
    has anyone else been getting calls from ecke ranch, and "mountain west research" polling company?
    trying to get info. about Encinitas issues. How much dough are these clowns gonna spend to get out of keeping their word the last time they sold off the land in a deal that lasted for perpetuity.
    Ecke's are gonna be surprised come election day.

  7. Post before last meant closed sessions, not sections.

    Way too many of these, which should still be reported, if action, or vote is taken. Check out CFAC, Citizens First Amendment Coalition.

    As far as phone calls from Ecke propaganda machine, I think certain of us are crossed off that call list. Ha ha. Others are probably randomly called.

  8. Hey, i haven't been called but i recieved an invite in the mail to tour the ecke greenhouses with a lecture on their operation and then enjoy a nice light buffet afterwords, groups of 100 at a time, reserve your spots in advance.
    Boy they could probably stay in business if they weren't trying to grease the palms of all the voters in town.

    If they would just give each voter 20 grand they could probably save some money (versus all the bribes, consultants, polling agencies etc.) and we'll let em make their millions.

  9. Any lawyers out there?
    I paid a lot of money for my house near the ecke ranch with the understanding that they had an agreement with city to hold their land as agricultural in perpetuity?
    If they breach that deal then my family and my neighbors who bought homes nearby that believed that the land would revert back to the city are getting the scroogy.
    Could we class action sue the eckes?

    any lawyers wanna get the ball rollling?

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