Sunday, September 25, 2005

Jack Orr Lives In Oceanside, Chimes in about Leucadia

Jack Orr gives some to the Sheridan development opposition in a letter to the NCT.
NCT link

Isn't Jack Orr the campaign manager for Jerome Stocks new run at State Assembly?

Here is a photo of Andrew. The City gave Ecke-Meyer a couple
feet of the street so that they could get more building space and maybe more houses.

They approved this by calling it "street improvements"

It double sucks because the Barratt/Meyer development will not have
street parking (so that streets can be more narrow and Barratt can
get more buildable space), and thus all the overload parking will
be out on Andrew in front of the neighbor's houses. What strike is that Mr. Orr?


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  2. JP, thanks for updating blog. Sorry first posted comment appears to be another spam. Very suspicious. now has a verification, where you just type in letters you see on screen, so auto-spammers (like auto-dialers?)are defeated.

    Anyway, Orr is an admitted, paid lobbyist. Oceanside City Council, including Esther Sanchez, and Mayor Wood want lobbyists to have to register as such, so that the voters, often uninformed public, will know from where the hit pieces and spin pieces we read in the paper all too often originate. Pattinson should have to register, too. At least we know he is president of Barratt Development Corp.

    I guess we all have special interests. Ours is slow, quality development, open, fair government by the people, and for the people. We support the greatest common good, not the highest profit potential for the privileged few, at our expense.

  3. Orr gets the facts and sentiment wrong.

    Did he fabricate the lies or did someone lie to him? (he still should have done a fact check by at least reading what is in the public record.)

  4. Meyer is an Ecke?

  5. David Meyer is a real estate broker who is married to one of the Ecke grandchildren. What is her name? Kathy? She is Paul III's sis. She also kept putting out the perpetuity promise, before and after the vote in 1994 re the forever ag zoning guarantee.

    Family is fine, is good. But Meyer pretends they are not/he is not connected in development biz.


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