Thursday, September 01, 2005

Our Cliffs Are Dry, So They Fall

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Here is a Union Tribune story about dredging offshore sand and dumping it on the beach to help prevent the cliffs falling, a better solution than seawalls.

The offshore sand will be the good stuff, not the horrible river sand the city of Encinitas used to import in the 80's and it won't be dirt (see post below).

There is one thing I never hear anyone in charge talking about, the cliffs are no longer drippy.

What? Drippy you say?

When I was a kid the cliffs were wet, damp and dripping. Ever build a sandcastle at the beach? You use the damp wet sand to build it because it sticks and stays up. The dry sand crumbles. The physics of sandcastles.

Think also, concrete. What do we mix with concrete to make it strong? Water!

It is the same with our cliffs. When I kid the dripping bluffs were covered in blooming flowers and red ripe wild tomatoes. Yes, there were slides from time to time but the bluffs seemed much more solid then than now.

My guess is that the cliffs no longer drip because we have paved over so much of North County that the rain no longer soaks into the soil and gradually makes its way west via percolation and osmosis.

Now the rain rushes down the roads (through downtown Leucadia) and into the ocean. This run off may keep costing you an extra 5 bucks by the way (on top of the $110,000 we collectively put up as taxpayers. Our city looooves it's consultants!) link

Anyone that has lived here for more than 30 years can confirm that the area bluffs were drippy, not dry like today.

What can we do? Probably nothing at this point. It's only getting worse as the sprawling San Elijo Hill's continues to build out. So if you own a multi-million dollar home on Neptune Ave. shake your angry fist east towards your new neighbors.

Dredging offshore and dumping sand will help the cliffs but probably destroy the quality of the surf for a few weeks.

I humbly request that the city do the dredging in June when the weather and surf is horrible anyway. Please do not do it in the fall when the surf is good.


  1. Information on the draft EIR for the project:

  2. We deserve honestySeptember 04, 2005 5:30 PM

    JP, I was away; so glad to get caught up with Blogadia! Good, relevant stuff.

    Thanks, especially for link to this post's NCT article, too. Christy Guerin is wrong. Council was challenged by far more than two taxpayers on this issue of the $5.00 per month "clean water fee" illegally taxed on our EDCO trash bills, thru coercive, strong arm tactics of Council.

    Yes we certainly do want Quality of Life. Part of that quality could be honesty, the ability to trust and rely upon our so-called public servants.

    This money absolutely should come out of the General Fund, not our much thinned pocketbooks.

    Our unfair city should not have hired beau coup new planners, and a bogus art director. Instead of building a sound infrastructure for our future, instead of building morale and trust, our Council is simply building up staff, trying to enlarge its voter base, using misleading methodology, and malfeasance of office.

  3. Funky, not flunkiesSeptember 04, 2005 5:46 PM

    Council should take the sand out of its own eyes, before it tries to pull the wool over ours!

    Better sand on the beaches than walls, walls, walls everywhere!

    Now they are talking about walling off our access to the beaches over the tracks. We should have our long held rights of way.

    Be concerned about law abusing city officers who seem to be intent upon making sure we all fit into the square holes dug for us by many planners and developers.

    We could encourage, reward diversity, rather than relying upon often cowardly, conforming Council and corporate culprits who would condemn our culture of cooperation and creativity.

  4. All we need is loveSeptember 05, 2005 2:18 PM

    To label some nimby's, because they love their yards, the charm or unique character of their homes, is not fair, nor "constructive."

    People want to be happy in our homes and neighborhoods, without too much interference by "nibby noses." Witch hunts happen when the hysterical, tyrannical few use institutional power to control, oppress, chase away, imprison or destroy struggling individualists.

    Nimby's, newbies, nibby noses. Rather than judging, casting stones at one another, we could encourage diversity, while still finding common ground, while still standing upon our solid grounds of compassion and empowerment for the people.

    We do not need a bunch of corporately prejudiced, primarily appointed, highly pensioned staff, or publicity seeking, partisan, posturing politicians, “public officers” elected by no-nothings, not by a majority; we do not want self-patronizing, self-proclaimed "authorities" taking our taxes in order to boss us all around, spinning us in their bureaucratic, self-indulgent, self absorbing circles.

    Christy Guerin campaigned on putting the service back in public servants. She has not kept her promises. When she talks openly about her fellow deputy sheriff’s “nailing people” at the red light cameras (are they still paying for themselves? We doubt it) she shows disrespect for the good citizens of our community. If she was unable to perform her duties, and received a Worker’s Compensation award, through our courts, how can she have the wherewithal to govern our fair city. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, leading the bahhhing “sheeple” by bowed hook and by crook. Don’t let Council continue to pull the wool over our eyes. We need new shepherds.


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