Saturday, September 10, 2005

Stinky West Nile Infested Lagoon Will Host 4 or More Hotels

Angela Lau Union Tribune Link

The Batiquitos Lagoon already host the famous La Costa Resort and Spa and the Four Seasons in the Aviara, soon it will have the big hotel development on the Carlsbad side (save Ponto) and Leucadia will have two hotel/condo developments on the Encinitas side.

That is a lot of high end money to be next to a stinky estuary with hordes of mosquitoes.

Morgan Mallory has a quote in the UT story, "They're going to improve that intersection architecturally, aesthetically," said Morgan Mallory, a board member for Leucadia 101 Mainstreet Association, a downtown improvement and historic preservation organization. "Growth is inevitable. Having attractive growth is good.

The existing hotels are pretty lame architecture wise, does anyone know what the new hotels are going to look like? We don't need anymore faux Spanish conquistador style stuff. Doesn't Morgan Mallory walk around town in a beret? Can we trust him when he says the hotels will be cool?

Will the new multi-million dollar Leucadia hotels be hip hotels with swanky lounges like the W Hotel or The Omni?

Or will they be lame and ugly like the crusty La Costa Resort and Spa?

If anyone from the KSL Corp. reads this please put in a cool jazz lounge or something. Leucadia needs a hip hang out. Gawd bless The Leucadian and The Boardroom but sometimes the wife and I want to dress up a bit and go hear some Coltrane or some avant garde turntablist instead of shooting pool with the local meth heads and listening to Van Halen on the juke.


  1. The "new, improved, and re-stucco-ed" La Costa spa and resort will soon be a mini city. New buildings (including the new condos) are covering more of the resort land than the trees and grass. The front parking lot on the south side of the entrance did have posted signs on how deep the water will be in the parking lot when it floods.

    Sterile, brittle, uninviting, and mega expensive could describe the current resort.

  2. Stucco, cement, concrete citySeptember 10, 2005 4:14 PM

    Yeah, and the City Golf Course is getting stuccoed too, including garage for golf carriers.

    Can't wait not to go there.

    Why does expansion have to be inevitable? Why do we have to buy into that paradigm? Perhaps we could expand our consciousness, rather than expanding developer's, politician’s pocketbooks, special interest voting blocs.

  3. Per the SD Union piece, Leucadia condo-resort looks like a done deal.

    Hope the design is graceful.

    Right now, we feel we're in future shock.

    And JP, bloggers, did you see the piece on eminent domain, in previous paper? Could certainly still happen to you and me. What was the purpose of City's new ordinance? Seems more bogus than ever.

    Just more misleading publicity for Stocks. He should recuse himself from all votes bearing on Barratt, his campaign contributor, whom he "forgot" to declare.

  4. Wish we could have a recall in upcoming Special Election. Throw out incumbents, who are working against our best interests.

    We'll have to just vote no on Ecke proposal, wait for Nov. 2006 to vote out Guerin, Dalager. They have let us down, deceived us, too many times.

    Dalager may not run again, if he follows thru on his inclinations as suggested to walk-ins at the lawn mower shop. Too complicated, too difficult to keep up with all the shenanigans, for him. Beware of consent calendars, Dan! Remember, birds of a feather, flock together. Stay active in the community. But don't be a council shark. We need new faces, open minds, trustworthy hearts. Someone strong, intelligent, compassionate, honest.

  5. Sharks, wolves, stingraysSeptember 10, 2005 7:29 PM

    Repeat, alls we love

    To label some nimby's, because they love their yards, the charm or unique character of their homes, is not fair, nor "constructive."

    People want to be happy in our homes and neighborhoods, without too much interference by "nibby noses." Witch hunts happen when the hysterical, tyrannical few use institutional power to control, oppress, chase away, imprison or destroy struggling individualists.

    Nimby's, newbies, nibby noses. Rather than judging, casting stones at one another, we could encourage diversity, while still finding common ground, while still standing upon our solid grounds of compassion and empowerment for the people.

    We do not need a bunch of corporately prejudiced, primarily appointed, highly pensioned staff, or publicity seeking, partisan, posturing politicians, “public officers” elected by no-nothings, not by a majority; we do not want self-patronizing, self-proclaimed "authorities" taking our taxes in order to boss us all around, spinning us in their bureaucratic, self-indulgent, self absorbing circles.

    Christy Guerin campaigned on putting the service back in public servants. She has not kept her promises. When she talks openly about her fellow deputy sheriff’s “nailing people” at the red light cameras (are they still paying for themselves? We doubt it) she shows disrespect for the good citizens of our community. If she was unable to perform her duties, and received a Worker’s Compensation award through our courts, "retired" as a deputy sheriff, how can she have the integrity and emotional stamina, the wherewithal to govern our fair city.

    Though she may be "cute as a button," JP, Christy Guerin seems to us to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, leading the bahhhing “sheeple” by bowed hook and by crook. Don’t let Council continue to pull the wool over our eyes. Look beyond the surface.

    We need new shepherds.

  6. more spinach for PopeyeSeptember 10, 2005 9:17 PM

    cute as a button? Are politicians rated by cute as a button? Buttons are hard, round plastic.

    red light cameras? Ask for complete, really complete report;
    breakdown of citations-left hand turns, right hand turns, straight aheads, other important data.

    You won't see a detailed staff report. The information is buried or ignored.

  7. Sudden realization, eyes popSeptember 11, 2005 11:13 PM

    I love Popeye, what I call his Sweet Potato Philosophy:

    "I yam what I yam. That's all's I yam."

  8. I thought Billiards, Meth, and VH were hip.


  9. Steel Reservist, your sarcasm is lost on this blog. I don't think any contributors think Meth is hip...What are you talking about? Trying to mess up the blog for the rest of us?

    Please don't abuse this platform for those of us who relish our freedom of speech/press. Do not hide your mean pranks behind your anonymity. You know you are.

    A coward and a deceiver.


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