Monday, October 03, 2005

Choo Choo!

I live close to the tracks, so close in fact that I if I am watching a movie on DVD that I have to pause it when the train blows it's horn. There is a lot of fuss these days about train noise and "quiet zones".

NCT link

As usual everyone is over thinking the problem.

The problem really isn't the horn, it's the fact the engineers lean on the damn thing for a half mile when a couple of short toots would suffice.

Remember a couple of years ago when Amtrak had that new euro train running for a short time? That train had a nice horn, a classic whoooo whooooooo.

The current trains all have The World is Ending Banshee Screams of Death horns that sound horrifying.

The Coaster trains seem to be less offensive than the Amtrak. I figure that a ex-wife of a Amtrak engineer lives nearby.

Our fearless councilman Jerome Stocks is on the NCTD board. So Jerome, at the next meeting throw it out there that the engineers just need to do the classic "choo choo" and not the status quo "BLAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR BLAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!"


  1. Or maybe we could all just remember that the train has been charging through Leucadia, blasting it's horn for a damm long time, and it really isnt that big of a deal, so just friggin ignore it. Honestly, it doesn't wake me up at night, nor does it have any impact on my day. So you have to pause your DVD? The horruh! I'd say whomever has a problem with it should look within. Maybe go see a specialist to help with your rail-a-phobia. The train, and the deathly horns (which BTW are much cooler than some sissified "whoooo whoooo") are part of the funkyness of Leucadia. If you don't like it, go live in Olivenhein. It's that simple. Im so sick of people crying about things like this. Get over yourselves and enjoy Leucadia without crying so damm much. That Waaaaaaaaahhmbulance hurts my ears a hell of a lot more than the train horns.

  2. I think some engineers have much better horn technique than others. Some blast and blast, others toot more gently down the tracks.

    I've always rather liked the horns. Perhaps some of the guys that blow so hard have had the misfortune to run over someone, or a pet. Usually the people who get hit do so because they want to end it all. Not pretty, but that person has decided its an effective method to delete all strife on this plane.

    So the horn blowers might be worried about depressed citizens lurking on the tracks. Or drunks.

    Meanwhile, although I am soothed by the sound of the train, I have a friend who used to live on Vulcan who was pretty disturbed about all the commotion. She did move away. Now she has to deal with bus yard at San Dieguito Academy. Also pranksters letting air out of tires there, and worse.

    Going back to a previous topic, I hope all Council candidates for election in 2006 can pledge to more open sessions, that is, less closed sessions. And when action is taken within a closed session, the law requires it to be reported. Let us know what is going on! Set an example. At this point most people do not trust government entities, or most public officers!

  3. The train nose is different for every train and depends on exactly where you live and what the weather is like. Sometimes the noise obviously breaks the legal levels. The first person to post obviously has never had an infant wake up from a nap because of the train.

  4. Dont be so sure Vulcan Mommy...

    I too have an infant, but I guess its true that kids take after their parents. I don't let trivial things like train horns (that ad character to a place like Leucadia) get to me, and consequently my baby ignores it as well. You seem to be ready to gentrify the hood and your baby is growing up soft. Sorry to hear it. Maybe you should head east to La Costa. I hear there is no train noise or any other rif raf out there.

  5. The train horn has been much quieter lately.

    To be clear, I like the train! It's just that some of the train horns were much louder than others. I am not complaining about the sound of the train going by. That would be stupid.

    IMO the train horn should not drown out the soundtrack to the movies at the La Paloma.

  6. freight trains keep rollin'October 11, 2005 9:36 PM

    The train horns blast get out of my way, this city isn't important enough to stop in. In many cities, years ago, there was a wrong side of the tracks and a right side of the tracks. Today, horn blasts don't discriminate by sides. Wait till the number of freight trains increase and then take a poll of irritation. Visions of a Tennessee Williams play. The L outside a walk up apartment, where train passengers could look inside the walls and see the lives of the occupants.

    Ah, the train and the railroad's 160 acres on alternate parcels in its previous life.

  7. Train horns aren't funky, just as they aren't funky in any small Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, etc., small town. However, in a small town, the trains are a link to the rest of the world (if you don't have TV).

    No more riding the rails, tickets are required.

  8. Train horns may not be funky, but they are a part of the fabric of Leucadia. I personally love the train horn because it reminds me that the blue collar part of Leucadia that balances out all the yuppies still exists. It dismays me to see so many people who have a problem with it. I guess this is par for the course in a place that is fast becoming just as gentrified as all of the towns due east of it (La Costa, Olivenhein and Rancho Santa Fe). We can't have things like train noise or mexiplexes or auto body shops when our new wave of "residents" is paying millions for their vacation homes.

  9. vulcan mommy againOctober 13, 2005 7:36 AM

    I don't hate the train little boy. The horns on some of the trains are above the legal decibel limit. Dig the sand out of your ears.

  10. oh nooooooo, not the leagl decibel limit!!!

    Yeah ok old hag. Just save us all some pain and move east with the rest of the yuppies before you go deaf from all the horrible train noise that hasnt been an issue to most people here for decades.

    Cry all day Vulcan Mommy. You live in Leucadia. Love it or leave it but please stop trying to gentrify it.

  11. there is something special about the sound of a train horn being echoed for long distances.. reminds me of the old days

  12. trains blasting their horns really can ruin a nice place!


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