Thursday, October 27, 2005

NCT Poised to Make $14422.80 Off Prop A

The NCT has run an editorial supporting Prop A. link

Why? Because 101 new homes means 101 potential new subscribers.

A subscription to the NCT is $11.90 a month, that's $142.80 a year.

101 x 142.80 = $14422.80

That doesn't even include future garage sale ads!


  1. Actually,
    the real dough is in the advertising. The homes section is a huge ad section and big developers bank role that. Developers like Barratt and Ecke/Carltas.

    Wonder why NCTimes has been letting Patterson (=Barratt) make up bull arguements and distort (lets be nice) facts?

  2. How much does that assume each home will be sold for?

    How much will Ecke make?

    How much are greenhouses?

  3. We are really disappointed that NCT changed it's editorial mind. How did that happen?

    Yes, we do all have that perogative, except when a promise is made for a particular zoning, in perpetuity. That means forever, not until the next persuadable Council and perhaps sometimes uninformed or apathetic group of citizens gets into the voting booths. More development will not insure better traffic conditions. It took Encinitas over 10 years to finally finish Cottonwood Creek Park, and the water there, under the bridge, along Encinitas Blvd. is again polluted, smelly, an eyesore.

    "Progress" may be inevitable. Unchecked growth, and selling off of public assets is not. We need a moratorium on deception, unfair corporate practices. Eckes are the Caltras corporation. Encinitas is a public corporation, incorporated in 1986, at which time the Eckes chose not to be included. When they came into the city in 1994 they made promises. Their agreements with the citizens and the City, should be kept by the Ecke heirs. Vote No on A.

  4. it happened because the ecke camp made a visit to nct and talked w/ the ed staff. next day they flip-floped. if u dont protect an ag preserve bcause the land has a higher$ value use 4 homes do u then give up a beach access cause the house next door is being dozed and the new mcMansion will have a higher tax value if it can take back the beach access. do we give back the lagoon open space buffer zones on residential property cause the home would be much more valuable if it had a sailboat dock.


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