Thursday, October 13, 2005


The NCT published a letter from the Leucadia Cares folks in response to Oceanside political lobbyist Jack Orr's "Red Shirts" column. They pretty much bitch slap him.


link to Orr's commentary

The letters to the editor section of the NCT is great because it's filled with people taking sniper shots at each other and it takes days if not weeks for the drama to unfold.


  1. Orr is a paid lobbyist. Mayor of Oceanside want him to have to register as such. He just uses hyperbole and rhetoric to bias people, unfairly, get their minds away from the facts. His opinions are sickening, untrue, and a disservice to community.

    Great to see fantastic Community Forum piece by Roger Baldwin and Ron Ransom to refute some of Orrs blatant misrepresentations. The Leucadia Cares group should start a letter writing campaign to Coast News, too.

    I am still in awe that Jim Kydd, publisher, Coast News did a full page paid political anouncement, against Eckes bogus "Save the Flowers campaign. Coast News has come out, through its publisher, as supporting No on A, as has Encinitas Taxpayers Association.

    NCT does editorials, with no bylines. I guess that's standard, as LA Times does so, too. We don't know who, exactly writes the editorials, as opposed to the columns.

    But, being a daily, the NCT does offer more opportunity to have one's letters to editor published.

    JK of Coast News is also offering $500.00 for a poem supporting No on A, Eckes land grab proposition coming up in Special Election, Nov. 8. Deadline for submission is coming up!

    JP, where was the Ms Beak piece from? Just wondering.

  2. Ms. Beak is a semi-regular column in the free weekly City Beat newspaper. The column is usually about San Diego insiders, nice she made the trip north.

  3. Orr is Jerome Stock's political advisor.

  4. Hey, klf, thanks for answering. But I thought I read in last week's City Beat that Ms. Beak was saying "adios."

    We will be so sorry to lose her barbed wit, her "tell-it-like-it-is contributions.

    We hopes she changes her mind, at least to write occasional columns!

    By the way, I miss the Coast Dispatch. City Beat, Reader, are primarily concerned with SD. Yes, glad Ms. Beak turned her compass north for this piece.


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