Monday, October 24, 2005

Rebuild the Greenhouses!

Rebuild the Greenhouses is a very important grassroots campaign. Our dear friend Paul Ecke III doesn't have the money to rebuild his greenhouses. They are in a shabby state of disrepair and Christmas is just around the corner, prime poinsettia time.

If you want to help poor Paul rebuild his greenhouses vote NO on Prop A in the upcoming November election and send a donation to:

Encinitas Taxpayers Association
P. O. Box 46
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007

write "Paul III is #1" in the memo space of your check.


  1. There is a very interesting quote by the likely Billionaire Paul III in the article that really says it all....

    Ecke, who declines to list his real estate holdings, says he will not sell his non-ranch assets to finance the growth of the poinsettia operation.

    "I'm not going to sell my assets to save this business. It would be foolish to do that, " he said.

    Foolish indeed, when he can get the Encinitas residents to sell their assets of open space/Ag land and community character to finance his business.

    Don't be fooled - No on Prop A.

    (and send some money to the taxpayers association so they can afford to make some more No on Traffic/A deal is a deal signs)

  2. Paul Ecke III to discuss Prop. A tonight

    By: North County Times

    ENCINITAS ---- Paul Ecke III is scheduled to discuss Proposition A at a forum tonight hosted by the North Coast Republican Club.

    The 7 p.m. event is open to the public and will be at the Encinitas Community and Senior Center, 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive. Originally billed as an open forum, the event's format has been changed so Ecke can choose the questions he will answer from written cards, Craig Nordal, the club's president, said Tuesday.

    "We were concerned after hearing reports about disruptions at previous meetings," Nordal said.

    Proposition A, the Paul Ecke Ranch land-use measure, will ask voters whether the City Council should rezone 38 acres of Ecke property from agricultural to residential. Ecke has said he needs to sell the land for housing to upgrade his growing facilities.

    Nordal said the club has not invited opponents of the measure to participate in the forum.

  3. Where can we get the signs?
    and is that meeting tonight?

  4. ecke run "discussion" tonight



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