Thursday, November 17, 2005

4th Crossing Added for N. Leucadia

Sometimes it takes a little nudging but the city council will oil our squeaky wheels from time to time.

I threw a fit when North Leucadia (the blighted part) was overlooked for pedestrian train track crossings.

Last night the council approved ordering plans for a 4th crossing.

Thanks gang, now the kids who live in that part of town can safely get to the beach (just a reminder, we will need a crosswalk at the same location so once people are across the tracks they can get to the other side of the coast highway).

The price tag freaks me out though, from the NCT "The city must set aside $203,500 to pay for the design work, said Richard Phillips, assistant to the city manager.

The crossings may cost up to $4 million each to build and the city has not identified a funding source for construction."

Here is my idea free of charge, don't over design it. All we need is a ramp like they have at the Coaster station. We don't need tunnels or bridges, just a ramp. Maybe add a crossing guard like the ones at the street crossings or just a warning light that flashes when the train is approaching.

Seriously guys, I'm thinking like 5,000-8,000 for each one if you do it this way.

In other newz:

The public works yard contract was put on hold (those squeaky wheels again).

Now, where do we put this thing? I was thinking the hall property as Gilbert Foerster suggested.

But that kinda sucks, you say, we want the park!

Yeah, but that park is so over the top we can't even come close to paying for it. The council already explored selling some of it for housing. I seriously think that might be the best place to store our city vehicles. What other open land do we have?


  1. I will donate the land.

  2. I was watching Council Meeting on Cox 19. Why can't Council meet more than an average of 2 or 3 Wednesday nights out of the month? Oceanside does better. If they don't have the time, they should let someone govern who does.

    Gil Foerster brought up some excellent comments in oral communications re new ordinance passed, only weeks ago? on consent calendar, again, re more exclusions to Coastal Development permitting process.

    Nobody but developers and City wants this. As we could see by last nght's meeting, a lot of people don't realize something has been discussed and passed, until it's too late, such as the new light that is to be installed at Crest and Santa Fe.

    I liked how audience gave it to Council. I did not like Dalager cutting off people's guaranteed right of 3 minutes each for oral communications to only 2 minutes each. Council is unlimited in its time to discuss anything, especially through self-promoting staff reports and "special presentations." Why should the total of the oral communications be restricted to 15 minutes? That is patently unfair.

    A 4th crossing is fine. City needs to get its priorites straight. Strom drain clean up is Federally mandated, new libraries, sports complex parks are not. People should be able to cross the tracks, as they do, at their own risk. They have a right of prescriptive easement to the beach, to the parks on other side of tracks. Get real Council. Christy was all for awarding ridiculous design contract even after mandate of No on A, two to one defeat.

    Fortunately they postponed this till January. Put public works yard back where it was. Build a smaller library, with bigger computer room, somewhat less parking. How far along on that design contract are you? Better think over your total expenditures. The Hall park is years and years down the road. For something much simpler, Cottonwood Creek Park, it took about 10 years. And the water beneath the bridge by Encinitas Blvd is stagnant and stinky, like Council, in my humble opinion.

  3. We have to get rid of the coastal commission because they make mikey pattinson grouchy.



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