Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Experts Can't Believe It

Among the city's 35,957 registered voters, 13,223, or 36.8 percent, participated in Tuesday's election. A 42 percent turnout had been predicted.

edit-there seems to be a lot of misinformation on the voting results. I suppose we won't know until the election is certified sometime in Dec.

The experts at the North County Times just can't believe what has happened. They have been punked by the free weekly coastal paper down the road and it stings.

The NCT, has printed an ill conceived whiny editorial accusing anti-prop A folks of just exporting sprawl to the surrounding areas.


This editorial reads like a Dad scolding his teenage son, "Don't you see what you are doing to your mother?"

Everyone is feeling really bad for their golf buddy Paul right now but even worse they have to face the harsh fact that their horse not only lost the race but it went lame and was shot dead and sent to the glue factory*.

The major players in this town were popping the champagne corks just a wee bit early in this one. Their indignant attitudes haven't changed though. I guess they learned nothing. It's too bad that the NCT is out of touch with the vibe of the town. Of course, that is apparent when the daily newspaper in a beach town keep using lame headlines like, "Local Surfer is Riding a Wave of Success." whenever they write about some local guy who just opened another smoothie stand/yoga studio.

The NCT and other supporters never could quite explain how more traffic was less traffic and more sprawl was less sprawl and we just couldn't take their word for it.

*Apologies for the use of such an old cliche'.


  1. You know, those numbers just don't add up. Because over 18,000 people voted. So NCT has not got the percentages, or the numbers right.

    The vote was over 12,000 NO to over 6,000, YES.

    Also, City Council was less than graceful in their recognition of the defeat of A, through Christy Guerin, poor sportmanship, in particular. No one on Council would vote to validate the "advisory election," after they promised they would, and they were asked to, at the Council meeting this past Wed. This was an election bought and paid for by Paul III and associates. Too bad, for incumbents, money can't buy integrity.

    And JP, did you hear? There are to be no right turn signs on North Court, El Portal, Marchetta, and possibly A St, when driving south on 101. So much for getting back home after an early morning surf trip to Ponto, or Beacons.

    Hell has no fury like a Guerin scorned. Mrs. Bossy pants still thinks she rules. She was dressed all in black for the Council meeting after the apparent death of her ideals, defeat of unpopular, deceiving proprosal to over-develop.

    Yet she was all for telling the State, NO WAY re developing moderate and affordable housing. Only million dollar homes allowed on her block.

    Anyway, happy Veterans Day. What would make them truly happy would be peace on earth, goodwill toward man. Beautiful display at Moonlight tonight, including peace sign.

  2. In a two line memo, written by CC for P3,the ranch withdrew their application to slice and dice the ag preserve but left the 10ac. public works yard swap on the table. Both MOU's should have been sent to the circular file but didn't happen. They will surely try to push the PW project through but it is a goner also.The Yes camp indicated the PW project on all their propaganda mailers and the council may try to say that the swap wasn't part of the vote but u can be sure that if A had passed the A'ers would be saying the advisory vote included the PW project cause it was on all the mailers and in P3's power point presentation. Therefore it is only meet and right that the victorious No'ers "through the gas back", and emphasise that the voters were aware that both projects were tied together thanks to the mailers and either would have opened the door on the destruction of the ag land. That is the way I read it, the way the Coastal Commish will read it and the way it is. The sixty-eight acre Saxony zone is ag forever as well as the 62 acres scattered throughout the ranch; around lizbeth and david miers estate, CC's estate, adjacent to D&E, and the ten acres on the north part of the mesa. There is still $ to be made on the ag land in ag, at least until the H2O runs out. P3 may have to work at it but the gene pool is there to succeed if he looks for it.

  3. The public works yard land swap is another scam (how many can they pull off before the City starts to care?)

    Ecke will come away with much more valuable land and the City doesn't come out with a beter PW site. If it was a better site it would have been at the top of the list of the City's potential sites, right?

  4. My little beach town used to be funky and cool, but the big developers and Yankees kind of took over the place, and ruined it for us natives. They're threatening our little block of houses at the beach with eminent domain because a condo developer wants our land.

  5. Jeff, it's a chore but you and your neighbors can stop it. Start a grassroots media campaign, write angry but intelligent letters to the editor, make some noise at the your city council meetings, send them e-mails. Google search eminent domain rights. Check out The city council members all want to get re-elected, make it clear that if they steal your land they will not serve another term. You can do this, stand up for your basic American rights.
    Good luck man.

  6. J.P. likes Guerin because she voted against the RDA. They are boyfriend+girlfriend now.


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