Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Flooding Back in Prime Time

Click the headline, it is a link that will take you to a new NCT Adam Kaye article on Leucadia flooding.

Attend the city council meeting Wed. Nov. 9th 6 pm.

I know, I know. The city council meetings are worse than boring. Yes, I feel like my soul is being sucked straight out of my body at those things. But, if you live in Leucadia you will want to check this out. Some residents will no doubt get up and speak.

The city is pursuing the big pipe. I keep talking to people in the know, retired water district workers and such, and everyone ask me the same thing, "Why doesn't the city of Encinitas just do micro-tunneling through the cliffs? It is cheaper and more efficient." they say.

I dunno, they are super gung-ho on this giant expensive pipe for some reason.

I predict that the flooding topic won't come up until very late because they know that people want to go home and watch Lost. Bad news, we got TIVO!


  1. http://www.ci.encinitas.ca.us/NR/rdonlyres/3264511C-9F43-4C3A-8BB8-9853DBF0110E/0/cc_agenda_110905.pdf

    item #7 LAST thing on agenda

  2. City is consistently manipulative in how it places agenda items. Council does not follow closed session protocol properly, either. Yeah this gonzo drain idea sucks. ha ha.

    But the sucking sound is money, not water. Let's just get more pumping trucks. Or let's reinvent the bucket brigade, as suggested before. Those businesses in Leucadia should be able to qualify for Federal Flood insurance. Lots of people in Florida get it.

    When the 100 year rains come, we can move to New Orleans.

  3. Won't ever give upNovember 08, 2005 11:17 PM

    Yes, and City is going to have a mail out ballot, come next March to stick us all with a new tax/fee @ $5.00 per month, $60.00 big ones a year, to pay for their mismanagement, over expenditures on trips to Japan, pension perks, all the wonders of working for/as Big Bully.

    Storm drain expenditures should come out of the general fund. This is a citywide expense. It is a tax. That is why we get to vote on it. Be aware, beware. People who care tremendously about the environment will be voting NO on this bogus ballot issue, too. City is wasting over $100,000 on consultant, polling fees. So much manure, so little fields to spread it in. Getting mighty thick.

    We should each and all be entitled to put in a claim for the approximately $90.00 city already illegaly confiscated from us through our EDCO trash bills.

    Hope and Pray A fails. KPBS said it is failing in absentee ballots. Still keeping everything crossed, fingers, toes.

    Vote NO on Storm Drain Tax this coming March. Let's start an initiative to take back our power. This City needs a charter, so we are not just another corrupt corporation. A Charter is like a constitution. We can demand our rights. What if this country was "incorporated" without a Constitution? Where would we be now?

    We want to be able to elect a mayor, a city attorney, too! Demand what we deserve: to be treated with dignity and respect. Don't let the gentrified micro-managers continue to pat themselves on the back, look down their noses at us, laughing all the way to the golf course, the bank with their campaign contributions from fat cat money hungry developers who prey on suckers who don't know any better.


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