Monday, November 07, 2005

Gil Foerster Sticks His Neck Out

One of the most compelling things about this whole Prop A Ecke drama has been flower grower Gilbert Foerster's outspokenness.

He has really been sticking his neck out. He has taken out a series of full page No on A ads in the Coast News at his own expense. They are intelligent, well written and have been a breath of fresh air in this whole stinky mess.

The Wiegand family seems more upset with Mr. Foerster than the Eckes. I'm sure all these growers had personal friendships before Prop A. You have to hand it to Mr. Foerster for speaking the truth despite the future personal consequences.

I respect Mr. Foerster for taking issue and speaking out. His arguments have been the most logical and level headed. I highly suggest reading them before voting tomorrow.

Gil gets it.


  1. no dan doesn't-his recent piece about loving tots running and playing was a poorly disguised pro ecke piece. he loves to negotiate. wanted to trade part of the hall property, thinks he can out con the ecke con men if the citizens give him a chance. dan why didn't you just say no to begin with, now you are a creature of the beast too. how sad. vote No on A then we won't have to watch dan negotiate away anything.

  2. Vote No on A today!November 08, 2005 1:02 AM

    Yeah, Dan's piece was too little, too late. Do people notice how we are really being offered an 8, not 10 acre park, contrary to much of the hype?

    The extra two acres are part of a trade, where Eckes got city owned land to build on, near Quail Gardens, in exchange for land for the Public Works Yard and a two acre park. This is not being voted on by the public. Council already changed that zoning.

    Yes, Gil is GRRRRRREAT!!! Although we are not overflowing with cash, having to pinch some pennies mighty hard, we scraped together $15 big ones to send Gil for his fabulous pieces. He's at P.O. Box 33, Cardiff by the Sea, 92007.

    Fantastic guy. We're lucky to have him, Bob Bonde, Sheila Cameron, the Rothes, Donna Westbrook, Kevin C and JP, and so many kind, compassionate others, around these here parts!!


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