Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Has the Leucadia Town Council Killed It's Momentum??

The Coast News wrote that the defeat of prop A signaled a new movement in Encinitas, one spearheaded by the politically active members of the Leucadia Town Council.

Well, the LTC has blown it's wad and picked a poor battle. By boycotting the parade they will now be forever filed into the PC liberal goofball category and no-one will pay attention to anything they say ever again.

They are making all of Leucadia look bad by acting on our behalf. Most Leucadians could probably care less what the parade is called.

Way to go hippies!

Parade History

What if they boycotted the parade by marching in it with signs saying boycott the parade? That would be sweet.


  1. Did the LT Council vote on that position?

  2. who cares about all this the parade has sucked the last 15 years because of all the yuppie idiots who live here now.

  3. "The Backward Glance"

  4. a whole mess of groups are dropping out of the parade this year not just the Leucadia Town Council. Another non issue that will grab all the press while some typical corrupt crony b.s. will go down at city hall.
    same as it ever was

  5. Lets just name it the latte yoga crybaby parade and maybe they will change their minds



  7. lawnmower man's last standNovember 23, 2005 10:33 PM

    Dan are you trying to tear us apart? Get a heart, get a brain. Courage requires something more than green jello. Go ask Totto.

    You know, this parade seems like another big publicity stunt, opportunity for back patting by Council. We are so tired of their grandstanding!

    Most of the voters, and most of the people who participate in this forum, probably no longer attend the parade. It's mainly for the kids, right?

    I grew up with the Rose Parade, in Pasadena. Ohh, got so crowded, got molested within the crowds, as a teenager, a couple of times. Just manhandled, nothing life shattering, but frightening at the time.

    Lots of good comments on the post prior to this one about the parade, too, folks. Check them out!

  8. mayor's prerogative stinksNovember 23, 2005 10:50 PM

    Hey, don't get down on Leucadia Town Council, man.

    We are tired of control freak Council members using their "prerogative" to ruin what was a good thing.

    Dan Dalager didn't ask us what we wanted to do. You know, some of these ladies who do Yoga and drink lattes are ok. Don't dis 'em unless you know 'em.

    How many people who live here now were born here, or in So.Cal? Not too many. You know, the true Native Americans were bought out with some beads and trinkets. Now our whole country is for sale to the highest bidder. Let's not sell out our values of generosity of spirit, inclusiveness.

    Leucadia Town Council rocks. They really care, and go to so many of those interminable Council meetings, just trying to make a difference. We like a little spice, but be nice, JP.

    Attending or not attending the parade, or any other public event, is a personal choice. The parade is not a Council event! Get those monkeys off our backs!

    We don't have to make this into an issue that throws a monkey wrench into the works.

    What is in the works? A revolution of consciousness within our own little community. Get some new faces into the government. We can do it!!

    We are the people. Hear us roar.

  9. Volte Out IncumbentsNovember 23, 2005 11:11 PM

    What? We can't just dismiss a group of people who have proven over and over that they really care about our quality of life, our neighborhoods.

    Don't be so pessimistic, for God's sake. There's more than one wad to a customer, JP.

    Would you have told Caesar Chavez that he would just be written off as a do-gooder left wing union organizing liberal? Didn't you say you wanted to boycott poinsettias?

    Yeah, everyone makes mistakes. I don't think anyone benefits by simply dismissing everyone who does Yoga, drinks lattes, or participates in LTC, because a couple of people in Leucadia decided they didn't want to attend Dan Dalager's parade.

    He can attend, ride in the trash truck, if that's his prerogative. I think he's Goofy and Christy Guerin is Ms. Bossy Pants. They should dress up in costumes, set off some fireworks. All at taxpayer expense.

    By the way, we are paying our new "Art Director" $82,000 a year, plus, to hand out a minimal amount of grants. The community grants were recommended by Staff. For art and community grants combined, the total was around $50,000. The money we are paying for a new member of staff could have gone to more grants. Plenty of people were willing to volunteer. Council nixed that, because they did not want to delegate authority to the voluntary Art Commission, who wanted to appoint artisans, as an art jury.

    Now that is an issue I could get behind. Wasted money, talent, in the name of Big Sister Guerin, and Big Brother Dalager.

  10. Has the Leucadia Town Council Killed It's Momentum??


    Has Dan Dalager stirred up a hornet's nest to cause trouble, divide our community?


    We think Danny is fried. Next comes fired. Guerin's half-baked. No doubt she drinks plenty of lattes, with hobnobbing socialite buds.

    Every Council meeting, looks like Christy's wearing a brand new outfit. She can afford it after her award from Worker's Compensation Board, after leaving the "force" (deputy do-wrong) for emotional stress.

    Way to go Guerin. You're not fooling everyone. Feel free to speak out and explain, answer a question or two, which you never do. Not in public, anyhow.

    Dan, you're acting like an ignorant hypocrite. Who would think that you have a degree in Chemistry? Perhaps you've done a bit too much experimentation with the likes of Christy in the Sky, with Diamonds? The shadow knows.

  11. Perhapes Christy shops at Ross Dress for Less? You know you can get some really smart outfits on the cheap there. Thank all that Asian .30 cent an hour labor.

  12. I never called for a boycott of poinsetties, I just called them ugly, hee hee.

  13. Hey, for people who don't know, perhaps new to this blog, Leucadia Town Council, LTC, is a group of dedicated city watchers, activists, who participate on a voluntary, true grassroots basis.

    Encintas Council is elected by a bare plurality. Right now "Council" consists mostly a bunch of development friendly, socially and politically ambitious yuppies who look down their collective noses at Old Encinitas, Old Olivenhein, Cardiff by the Sea and Leucadians.

    Right now New Encinitas is where a whole lot of people reside. Even they said no way to A. Just proves, the truth will finally come out.

    I saw a thing in City Beat, I think, talking about how electing Council members at large makes it far more difficult for small, grassroots groups to be effective. We have two things that keep us from being represented. Our Council Members are elected at large, and two or three run at a time. This situation is a bone for the dirty dog incumbents who get in the door, then stay in control, keep us in the doghouse, by betraying the rest of the pack.

    We know we can't all be top dog. But we need decent leaders. We should have district elections, as in Rainbow Water District, where it made a huge difference in recent recall in their special election.

  14. there are more of me to come.


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