Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Holy Crap!

North County Times website reporting results: link


Precincts: 47
Counted: 47
Percentage: 100.0%

Vote for: 1







A total vote count of 18,361.

Sooooo, um...I guess people really did want to keep flowers in Encinitas?

*The Yes on A camp spent $187,000 and got 6,355 votes. That is $29.43 a vote.

The No on A camp spent $14,000 and got 12,006 votes. That is $1.17 a vote.


  1. Woke up this morning and all the flowers in my garden are GONE!

  2. Flour makes my dough rise. If you know what I mean.

  3. It is good to know that many folks in this city have morals and will not sell out. I am proud of everyone for standing up for what is right.

    Time to wait and see what happens now, will they cancel operations on the flower business, or do we call their bluff.

  4. Big Brain on BradNovember 09, 2005 5:01 PM

    Paul could grow food, raise the retail price of the holiday flowers, grow more than one kind of flower, etc. etc.

  5. You know, I was wondering this morning about the numbers. According to my info, which may need updating, there are about 62,000 residents in Encinitas. Assuming that about half of these might be children, it seems that more than 40% of the registered voters must have turned out!

    So very grateful that people in this community used their brains and hearts, and were not fooled by the well funded spinmaters.

    I believe that we are compassionate, and do hope the Eckes can figure out what to do that will honor their Grandfather's wishes, and the agreement they all struck 11 years ago.

    They could sell their land to growers, for agricultural use, keeping a minimal amount. Because if they sell out completely, that is, all 68 ag acres, then according to the agreement, the remaining ag land would transfer to the City of Encinitas, which should use it for public, open land, a softscape park with flowers and fields that could be used for many purposes. We already have trails, near the golf course, right? We notice that Council chose not to spend any money improving these trails, which may be for the best, considering what Council describes as improvements!

    Paul III was telling us that if they didn't keep their ag concerns on the 20 remaining ag acres that the Eckes would have retained, as part of the failed proposal, then those remaining 20 acres would revert to the City. This was the same deal as before, but for far fewer acres. Agreeing to it, we all would have been played for fools. We showed that each of us does have a mind, a memory; we do care about quality of life, and we do hold people, including community leaders, accountable for their actions and their promises!


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