Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's a Christmas Parade Dude

Encinitas Mayor Dan Dalagher has used his extra special mayor powers to change the name of the city's annual "Holiday Parade" to "Christmas Parade."

KFMB website story

"I'm not terribly religious. I'm just sick and tired about everyone whining about things. You know ... there's an American holiday called Christmas, said Dalager.

Some people plan to boycott the parade.

What do think?

Bob Johnson, retired social worker

I support the city telling the Jews to go fuck themselves and banning them from the parade. I mean Hanukkah? What the hell is that anyway? And is it spelled with an H or a CH? Make up your minds already.

Harold Webster, systems analyst

I guess this means that the city council will adopt Christian morals and values and stop shafting us. No? Oh well.

Susan Goldstein, data entry

Mayor Dalagher should name the parade, "Seemingly Endless Amounts of Boy Scouts Marching For-Fucking-Ever While I Freeze My Ass Off On The Sidewalk Parade"

Rick Lemon, mechanic

I'm joining the boycott and by boycott I mean going to Hooter's with my buddy Earl and eating chicken wings and drinking beer.

Helen Frisket, retired school teacher

Mayor Dalagher said there is an American holiday called Christmas? Wow, does he know that Christmas is celebrated all around the world? I would like to hear from him about some more American holidays, like New Year's for example. This guy Dalagher isn't the sharpest tool in the shed is he? Get it? I said the sharpest tool in the shed because he owns a blade sharpening...oh, never mind.


  1. At the risk of losing my Leucadia Blog cred, I'm with Danny on this one. He called me last year after reading this column I wrote for The Coast News to let me know he was going to change the name. The spring event will also be called an Easter egg hunt.

    Inclusion has its place, but so does tradition. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. and while he's at it can he change the name of Spring Break back to Easter vacation? Keep Leucadia Funky not PC. Dan has redeemed himself in my book.

  3. I agree with Dan, Tom, and old skool, although not sure about the part about the holiday being "American".

    C'mon, it's called Christmas.

  4. I'm with Dan and you guys on this one. Jewish people are scum. They don't seem to be going away anytime soon unfortunatly.

  5. PC or common sense? To me The Holidays mean the grind from Halloween to New Years Day.

    Can the Jewish community take over the coast highway for a Hanukkah parade now?

    You know, I've never missed one parade in my life either. This will be my 35th parade. My whole life I've just called it "the parade" and not the Christmas parade or anything else. I've even been in the parade lots of times.

    I wish mayor Dalagher would get this assertive about other issues in the city. Oh well, I've wasted enough time on this lame issue as is.

    Oh and comon' people, boycotts are passe.

  6. Also, it is very risky to anger the Bernese Mountain Dog Club.

    "Jew Hater" you aren't that creep who used to sell old Nazi helmets on the coast highway are you?


  8. The parade should be called The Paul Ecke III Poinseittia Hero Parade.

  9. Lynching was once tradition. We should bring that back too...

    Now you can make the argument that an egg hunt, IS and easter egg hunt, thus call it what it is. But, the bigger question should be, why is government sponsering a religious event. Tradition?

    Well, it has not been the Christmas parade for years... until Dalager started whinning about it. He is so easily offened apparently.

  10. from the first 4 comments on here I just realized that I don't have a lot in common with the people that post on here. Dalager is thicker than otter shit and the people who post anti semite crap on this site are sad sad little human beings.
    JP you should be ashamed for going along with this.

  11. why would calling it the Christmas parade make someone anti-semitic? The Jews I know are not a bunch of whining sensitive wussys and can take it being called Christmas because it is Christmas. Happy Festivus to all.

  12. Don't get mad at me, this stuff is comedy gold.


  14. Come together, right nowNovember 23, 2005 9:49 PM

    Hey, diversity is the spice of life. How long has it been called the Holiday Parade? Tradition is not always right. We can look within to see the most loving way to go.

    We are having a lot of problems in this fairly young country of ours, because too many people are getting confused about what the spirit of Christ, means. He is the Prince of Peace, not war. He was born a Jew, and died a Jew.

    The parade is not about religion. It could be about spiritual beliefs, though: the spirit of harmony, love, forgiveness, compassion. Suspending judgment pops to mind.

    Tom Chambers was an editor for The Telescope at Palomar. Now he is editor of the Coast News. I guess an editorialist's job is to stir it up a little, make us think.

    Dan Dalager seems to have a problem with that, sometimes. Why does he pick this particular issue to demand we change back to something, when no one was upset about the Holiday designation, to begin with?

    There is a difference between being "traditional" and being divisive. What would Jesus Do? Dan, he would have told you to turn your cheek, love your neighbor, and your enemies too. Do not be manipulative, or self-serving.

    Jesus would have said, honor and show reverence for one another. Be loving, be love.

  15. We love Leucadia Town CouncilNovember 23, 2005 9:55 PM

    LTC, don't stay away from the parade. If you do, it will only glorify our goofy, thickheaded incumbents even more. You can rethink this.

    I have been to a few of the Holiday parades. I believe it's more for the kids, though. Once, I helped set up the lights for it. In my opinion, it's a community deal, a chance for all the YMCA kids, brownies, bluebirds, scouts, all to march proudly in front of their parents and friends of family, cheering on the sidelines. Throwing out junk candy is dangerous, and the big kids, or the fast ones get it all, and the little guys cry. I've seen it happen!

    This is a ploy, I think, by Dan, to aggravate part of the community. We can't afford to let this happen now, when we've got so much momentum going. Why does DD get to decide the name, anyway. What gives?

  16. Don't make people feel left outNovember 23, 2005 10:05 PM

    Have you noticed how most of the seasonal cards offered now say Happy Holidays? It is not a manner of being politically correct, it's more a matter of appealling to the greatest number of consumers.

    Face it Dan, Prez Bush, we are not Pilgrims, living in the Puritanical times of old. Dan and Bush did plenty of tripping in their time. Now they act like uptight hypocrites. Go with the flow, don't tear us apart.

  17. Love, Peace, Happiness, not warNovember 23, 2005 10:18 PM

    It doesn't do any good, only harm, to say mean-spirited things about Annabel J. or the LTC. They have fought long and hard, given so much of their time, to help our community.

    That picture with the people carrying the boycott sign shows the names of hotels. Click on it to blow it up; check it out!

    I don't get how that sign relates to this issue. Those banner carriers are participating in the parade, are they not?

    Peace friends. Holiday wishes of illuminating love. Be happy.

  18. Thanksgiving wishes for unityNovember 23, 2005 10:24 PM

    We've got a lot of work to do. Perhaps this is coming up now so that the powers that be can divide and conquer. Won't happen.

    We've got enough sense to vote out the incumbents, biased toward developers, plotting to derail the peace train, trick us with appeals to separatism.

    According to your exclusive "spirit of the season," we better get rid of the Christmas Trees, Dan, aren't they considered Pagan? So are Easter bunnies, and Easter baskets by the way. Why don't we call it the Winter Solstice Parade? Don't you believe in the shortest day of the year?

    Hey, Holiday Parade worked fine. If it's not broken, Dan, don't fix it. Our Council, as it sits, is broken. Dan and Christy both know they just might be looking at their last term.

    Those of us who have organized, strived to uncover the deceits, to call a spade a spade, want to be comrades in love. Don't let those who speak with a forked tongue break us apart.

    What are the real qualities of life? Health and abundance are not possible without cooperation. Let this time of year be a celebration of love, of giving, of the joy of children, lovers, friends.

    Don't let Dan Dalager be a spoiler.

  19. The boycott parade photo is from another event. I chose it to illustrate how funny it would be to march in the parade carrying a banner that says "boycott the parade" I seriously think you guys should do this, it would be classic.

  20. "I'm not terribly religious. I'm just sick and tired about everyone whining about things. You know ... there's an American holiday called Christmas, said Dalager

    There was no whining until he changed the name back.

    Now I feel bad for "whining" everytime the city tries to charge me a new fee for basic services or tries to take my house for a prettier road to the new shopping mall.

  21. love a parade. don't really care what they call it although holiday parade seemed more all inclusive. hate to leave any child behind. it's really about the kids isn't it? now if Dan re-names it Christmas Parade and intends to have it led by someone carrying a cross while those on the parade route throw stones, spit and curse then i'd have to be against whatever you called it. i don't think it's anything more that a small funky city yearly parade, some years better than others. a few fire engines, a few classic cars, maybe a few funky floats, and lots of kids, eyes sparkling, with their families standing on the curbs along the route. generally speaking, i love the holiday period from Halloween through the Superbowl. family, friends, neighbors gathering to eat drink,laugh and make merry, have a few kodak moments, and put their sewer systems capacity ratings to the test. next thing i know, they call and want me there right away cause the house, resturant, bar, store, whatever is backed up. course if i'm watching the parade, stupor bowl, or having a kodak moment myself, it's at least time and a half, maybe double-time. i love the holidays, i love a parade.


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