Monday, November 28, 2005

Jesus and Santa are American Citizens

Union Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins wrote a good piece on the parade name change. link.
He brings up an excellent point, the stores don't care what you call it:

In this mercantile context, Christmas could not be more inclusive. The more shopping the merrier. (And we don't care if you call them Hanukkah presents!)

On this plane, Christmas is a money-driven revelry that, long ago, exchanged the soulful Jesus, a spiritual prophet whose world view was something of a downer in the marketplace, for the materialistic Santa Claus, the emcee of plenty.

Jenkins also makes this wise obsevation: Dalager is right – and wrong.


  1. Give the parade back to the merchants and the chamber of commerce. The city taxpayers shouldn't be paying $40,000 for it. If people have complaints, they can tell them to the chamber. Problem solved. The merchants make money on their sales. The city saves money. A win-win.

  2. How can it cost 40k? Can anybody break it down? Thats like a buck a Cubscout.

  3. Yes, I agree. Give it back to the merchants, who stand to prosper by inclusivity.

    The trouble with Council, now, is that we've got the merchants/developers/power brokers running Encinitas, Inc.

    So sad to see Cunningham's tears today. He has finally admitted his errors, and shame.

    Yes, Arnold admitted he wasted a bunch of money too, that he should have listened to Maria, his wife of Kennedy lore. Don't hold your breath waiting for anyone on Council to admit they were wrong about Prop. A.

    Christy Guerin just arrogantly moved to award the public works yard contract of over $400,000, for the plans for what is essentially, a glorified parking lot, to the firm who was going to design it to be built on the same agricultural preserve that we had just mandated by our nearly 2/3's vote!

    Guerin and Dalager, what a sorry pair. Dalager says he's not that religious. Then why does he care about a tradition that has not been pracrticed in years? He is doing this for political payback. We hope it backfires. If Dan cares so much about tradition, then why has he been supporting development policies that would wipe out community character.

    Christy Guerin is worse. She thinks she has all the unions in her pocket because she was a deputy sheriff, all the firemen in this city, too. They get paid through our taxes! Public servants, getting good benefits, decent wages, raises, will naturally support the powers that provide them with these advantages.

    They may earn their money, but don't most of us? We still want to know what Christy Guerin's Workers' Compensation Award was, that she felt compelled to appeal? What are the numbers, Christy? Is this not a matter of public record?

    It should be.

  4. We can't afford to keep the street lights on, but there is no doubt that we can find the juice to power the City Christmas Tree.

    Some people say Dalager is smarter than Gomer Pile, but that is hard to defend when he gets his underwear all bunched up and offended by the word "holiday" because it is not religious and then turns around and says that the Christmas parade isn't a religious event. What the f*#k?

  5. in days of old when knights were bold and toilets weren't invented...i would have been jobless. the history of world religons generally contain a lot of blood and gore, stonings, burning at the stake and the list of course goes on and on with no end in sight. so to soothe the CHILDREN Sinter Claus was added and a bunny and egg hunts. thank you for the CHILDREN and the development of plumbing, now at least the CHILDREN and i are happy.

  6. Santa has his origins from Germany which makes the anti-jew thing funny in a sick way. Coca-cola made Santa into a mascot in the early days with Norman Rockwell and here we are. Dalager's nostalgia is based on a corporate whore. Turn on your television there is nothing Santa won't sell. Santa gets credit for presents we buy for our kids.

  7. Santa spends but Jesus saves!


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