Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Michael D. Pattinson Hates You

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  1. Hilarious. Patty boy's article was full of hypocritical statements. His comment about our breezy lifestyles being owed to people like the Eckes made me angry. I have worked hard for everything in my life.

  2. I like my lifestyle. Thanks PIII, your my buddy!

    Yes on A (but only because if it wasn't for you PIII life in Encinitas would be terrible)

  3. Maybe my vision of the future doesn't mesh with Mike's future. My family is here for the long haul. Where will Mike be in 10 years? Fly fishing in Montana or living in north county?
    What is Mike's vision of the future? A Walmart where the SRF is at Swamis?
    Mike wants us all to sell our houses and move away. Everyone knows that Jerome Stocks and Jim Bond and Kerry Miller hate the Prop 13 freeloarders (as J.P. calls us) who have lived here since the 60s and 70s. Mike is starting to become a boogey man in these parts. I feel sorry for him in a lot of ways. Life isn't about watching football on your big screen. It's about taking your kids to the beach.

  4. Only steers and queers come from Texas.

  5. I went and read the NCT article, because it was hard for me to make out on my cheesy computer speakers what the heck Pattinson was saying.

    Reading the Nov. 1 piece, I see again he is being misleading, condescending, patronizing, and untruthful.

    Frankly, we are really disappointed in NCT for seeming to promote the developers over everyone else. In good conscience, the editorial staff made a big mistake, in our humble opinions, to change its position from No on A to Yes.

    It can be difficult being a nay sayer. We believe in affirmations. But saying No to deceit, to progress being defined as profit for a privileged few, is really saying yes to a brighter vision of a more hopeful, compassionate future.

  6. we're not grouchy-wary,cautious,defensive,damn right. mike thinks he can say park or road improvement and we should all fall into line like ants, no i think he said bad bad locust. he doesn't want use to be wary of ticks. they hook on to things and end up in our community trying to attach themselves to a host so they can feed until bloated. so we have to be wary and cautious and pull the blood suckers off and if lucky only have a welt. if we fail to recognize a tick for what it is there a chance our community could develop lemon disease. not locust mike, citizens wary of filthy community charcter destroying ticks.


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