Saturday, November 12, 2005

People, Please NO MORE TAXES

Friends and neighbors please, don't be get scammed into giving this city any more or your cash. Five bucks a month ($60 a year) doesn't sound like a lot to give, especially when it is for a worthy cause like clean storm water runoff, but please don't do this. story

This is a Jedi mind trick, A FEE IS A TAX.

Read the UT story, the city has been illegally collecting this tax for some time now.

This city spends a hell of a lot of your money, my money, our money. This city council is rabidly consultant happy. This city takes in a lot of revenue and it loves to spend it. This city has a lot of ambitious pet projects that cost millions of dollars. YOUR dollars.

Never, ever vote in a fee. A fee is a tax.

But comon' man, you say, it's just five bucks.

Yes, just another five bucks. Then it will be just another five bucks. And then just another five bucks. Just like the last streetlight fee/scam this city will continue to nickel and dime you until the end of days.

Force the city to use the overflowing general fund more wisely. Force them to put on their thinking caps, don't let them worm out of this by simply charging you another five bucks (sixty bucks a year).

It doesn't rain 12 months of the year here my friends, keep that in mind.


  1. Thank you so much, JP, for posting on this ongoing scam. The stipulated judgment per the Jarvis Taxpayer Association was that the money illegally collected was to be put into an impound account. Any homeowner or business owner who files a claim for the amount wrongfully collected, over $70 ($5.00 per month at how many months?) should be able to get that money returned. The vote will be for future collections.

    Again, we are being cheated by Council. The vote in March is for the tax/fee to be collected or not to be collected after the vote, not retroactively!

    Furthermore, per the judgment, neither the Jarvis Taxpayer Association nor the City of Encinitas, including Maggie Houlihan, are to campaign for or against this mail out ballot vote. Maggie is not adhering to the terms of the settlement! Neither is Christy Guerin, naturally.

    Why would people turn down a primarily $5.00 to $8.00 per year increase re lighting, landscaping, and okay a $60.00 per year increase for services that are citywide, for a new tax?

    In SD the city pays for trash pick up. Here, each address pays an additional $20.00 per month for that. We definitely should not be saddled with a 25% increase in our EDCO trash bill for unrelated fees, that are, truthfully, taxes.

    Get real Council. We are sick and tired of your duplicity. If this were to pass, you would still be sued again, because this should be a weighted fee. Homeowners who have yards, and are in the R-3 Zone, for example, where there are 3 homes per acre, have very little run off. It is all the hardscapes, such as the high density development, and commercial areas, plus the golf course, which generate more run off, and more pollution, too. This should not be a per parcel fee, but should be weighted according to the amount of runoff generated by the individual homes or businesses.

    On our street, the former home, that was demolished for new build had a double lot and excellent rain gutters that filled several rain barrels every time it rained. Now the two McMansions that have replaced the smaller footprint home are dumping all of their storm water into our private, dirt, back alley. The new developer was told he had to make sure the property was graded so that the water would go out to the street, because this very problem did come up at the meeting held prior to the Coastal Development Permit approval. The developer just lied, and ignored neighborhood needs and requests, his own promises, the City's requirements. That developer is Richard Larsen, Signature Series, Inc., who has cheated us and many others. Too many developers are somehow in cahoots with the City!

  2. please post the cdp number... the city probably already knows who you are.

  3. we wouldn't have as much run off if the city upheld the requirements to minimize the runoff of new developments.

  4. Does everything in this town cost double of what other towns pay or is it just me?

  5. Will there be a Runoff election?

  6. fall over, over laughing=foolNovember 15, 2005 2:29 AM

    ha ha ha ha!!! Run-off. I get it. Yes, we'll have one. They have already done phone and mail surveys, asking leading questions.

    One is made to feel, if you support the environment, you will support the "clean water fee."

    Bunch of bull. Not as stinky as human excrement.

    I heard someone (uninformed) say JP & Kevin C are loose cannons. My response, we need a few! We are too! Firing missiles of truth, bombs of compassion.

    Stir it up friends, or we become stagnant, trapped in a smelly puddle with circling sharks, dominating. Or are they piranhas?

    Fools can be cool; they do not consider the past an impediment. Without fear, they run toward the future, skipping, ringing their bells, believing in the possibility of now.

  7. Earnest Jester questions authorityNovember 15, 2005 2:32 AM

    We like jesters, but some clowns are scary, especially to little kids. Witches are frightening, too, Christy. Look at your heart. Why did you do a flip flop after meeting with Paul III and friends? The results of the special election prove something.

    You Christy, Council, in general, do not represent the will of your constituents. Arnold was humbled. He said he should have listened to his wife. Why were you still arrogant at the Council meeting? Why will you not take responsibility, so you can admit your mistakes? We can forgive a lot, but question your lack of awareness, lack of accountability, lack of integrity.

    If you want to play cop, Christy Guerin, go back to the force. Or are you not allowed after your Workers Compensation Award, and your failed writ with the Court of Appeal? Are you on the dole? Or was it one large settlement for your "emotional distress," at being called on your wrongdoings? Just wondering, because you won't answer questions, Christy. You betrayed those who originally helped you to be elected. We may forgive; we cannot forget.


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