Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Rosa Parks & Grading Permits?

My all time favorite North County Times guest columnist is of course, Mr. Michael D. Pattinson, CEO of Barratt American. His newest column is his greatest yet.

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He compares some meatsack out in the sticks who was too dense to get a grading permit to iconic American hero Rosa Parks.

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Now, a grading permit IS a hassle, this is true. But what is a bigger hassle, getting a grading permit or going to court?

Pattinson refers to "college kids with earth shoes" (wtf?) as the main culprit here, but the fines were dished out by the San Diego Water Quality Office. Why do they care about grading permits? I'll tell you why:

A grading permit insures that your property doesn't drain into your neighbors yard. It insures that you contain as much excess water on your own property so it doesn't drain into the city stormdrain system (keep that illegal tax in mind people), but most importantly it insures that the site is compacted properly so that your future structure does not settle and your foundation cracks or worse, your structure sinks or collapses.

Mr. Pattinson and Barratt American seem to have issues with grading permits (see the drama at Sheridan and Andrew St). Yes, it's a hassle, especially when the Coastal Commission is involved, but man, if you just take it on the chin and wait you WILL get the permit in due time.

Bureaucracy is daunting but the seemingly endless codes and permits are there ultimately for safety. The irony is, if we didn't have building codes why would we need development companies like Barratt? We could just build everything willy nilly ourselves.

Rosa Parks dramatically changed the paradigm of America, to compare her to some guy playing around on a tractor is blasphemy.

The greatest American hero who ever lived, M.P.D.


  1. Grading can be a big deal. Funny how the SD Judge threw out this case, finally. Big bucks get results.

    A little person, without expensive attorneys would be bulldozed, for any minor alleged "violation." In this case, charging low income homeowners $95,000.00 for City Attorney bogus litigation fees. City attorneys will not allow settlement without lien on property!

    By the way, the F Street deal is now in the Court of Appeal. Should have gone by whether the place could stay in biz thru patrons buying merchandise. Huge banner of romantic couple blocks front picture window.

  2. Judge Lisa Guy Schall, Judge Jacqueline Stern are tyrants, too. Judge Guy-Schall's husband is a developer. Vote against them and Judge Hockett, Judge Littlejohn, too, if you ever get the chance. They play God, without giving the little person due process of law. This is for civil, not criminal stuff, folks. Blank check charges of being a "public nuisance," without any violation, any trial, any City hearing or hearing in court with cross examination.

    People should be allowed their liberty, privacy, in so far as they cause no harm. Bad grading can harm, as is happening on our block, in our alley. I don't know the CDP numbers, but the street addresses are 420 La Veta and 428 La Veta. The Esgil inspectors just let just about anything go, look at plans, but don't make sure new build matches up. Whereas pre-existing structures, long before Encinitas became a City, are treated with far harsher standard.

    A developer "Owner/Builder" is given preferential treatment and selective enforcement. That is Unconstitutional, plain low down dirty.

    Our City Attorneys, make way too much from refusing to work out compromises, dragging citizens through frivilous court cases, after closed sessions. Our City Manager, Kerry Miller, at $168,000 per year, plus beaucoup benefits, makes more than Bonnie Dumanis, our District Attorney.

    Let's shake up the govt., before it shakes us down even more. No more taxes for Encinitas. Fees should come out of General Fund. Public Works yard should have stayed where it was. Now it's at Pacific View school. Our library is demolished, so that the new library could be another vanity project. Why take on all these capital improvements, which are elective, when we cannot afford storm drain improvements, which are? Why new staff members, increased benefits, salaries? Because they can.

    We can do it, too. Don't tread on us.

  3. Too funny. Sound of Rosa Parks spinning in her grave. She wouldn't like Big Brother City Govt here in Encinitas, either. Can't afford to get too distracted by Pattinson's diatribes.

    Why does he hate earth shoes? The earth? Rosa didn't.

  4. foundation cracks or worse, your structure sinks or collapses....

    Paterson doesn't care. He won't own it by that point in time. He will be retired in some location that doesn't have all the congestion he will leave us with.

  5. I assume the case was thrown out because his lawyer made a convincing case that he was indeed just clearing brush and not actually grading his site. I do believe that by the way.

    However, Pattinson's attitude leads us to believe that just maybe this guy WAS grading the site afterall.

    Pattinson is that big dorky friend we all have who says really inappropriate things at parties and gets you in trouble when he thinks he is helping you. His pal Paul Ecke3 experienced that one recently.

  6. Is Pattinson saying don't follow the rules? Is that the defense used in the Enron case?

  7. City of Encinitas, when it demolished the greenhouses at the Hall property, removed walls, moved a huge amount of dirt around, much of it full of dangerous pesticides, which were blowing in the wind for weeks.

    City has double standard, here, about grading. Yes, what constitutes grading is a question that has to be addressed. Judges get spoonfed their info by high powered attorneys or expert witnesses, bought and paid for by either side. If one side is just a simple, low or moderate income individual, without legal counsel, he or she loses. You can fight the system, but not without connections, financial backing. Legal defense advocates are usually set up for criminal cases, or to represent those who are not homeowners. If you fall between the cracks, you will get stepped on, around here. Right now, the City of Encinitas is a bully, with no heart and a bunch of small-minded people pushing us all around, in my humble opinion; imho we need to keep working together to get some good guys elected, to make positive changes, now!

  8. Was that a real story in a real newspaper? It was so stupid I think it is fake.

  9. Wasn't it Pattison's company, Barrett, that illegally scraped the coastal sage off the land before they had grading permits from the City of Encinitas? Isn't it ironic that Pattison lives on top of that same land in Barrett's Knightsbridge development? "Permits ... he don't need no stinking permits." Look for articles in the North County Times from about 10-15 years ago.

  10. Ecke used to flood out the neighborhood below the ranch. He said water runs downhill so it wasn't his problem. But he was a saint, riiiiight.


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