Friday, November 18, 2005

Uh Oh!


  1. Good job, JP. Just another thanks for begining this funky blog, and participating in community.

    You have helped bring a lot of folks together for beneficial results. Congratulations on your piece in editorial section of Coast News. We read the letter here, first!

    We hope we can take this momentum, and use it to keep people informed, help people to see that they can act to affect a positive change. Council put off till January the Public Works yard deal. Christy Guerin was ready to just go forward with it despite excellent communication from speakers pointing to the mandate by the voters that the 68 contiguous acres should remain ag in perpetuity!

  2. Council needs to reset prioritiesNovember 18, 2005 12:07 PM

    Next big deal, vote no on new taxes/fees, monies which should come out of General Fund for mandated clean water, storm drain reclamation. We do not need to be taxed an extra $5.00 a month to prove we care about the environment, our beaches. We do, but a new tax is not the solution. Cut back on some other overhead, pay raises, benefit perks for city employees, including trips to Japan! Our sister city should be in Mexico, not Japan.

    The clean water project is ongoing, mandated by Federal and State requirements. Many of the Capital improvements that Council has taken on are vanity projects, designed to get them re-elected. We like books, libraries, but do we need one so huge for a city this size? The county already just opened another library branch in Cardiff, too, according to Supervisor, former Council Member, here, Pam Slater.

    City does not need to pour so much money into an expensive sports complex park, at the Hall Property, particularly when there is so much controversey about the proposed lights, and the swimming pool(s) sponsor already pulled out.

    Same thing happened with the proposed center for performing arts. A couple of differnt companies pulled out of that too. Just so expensive to build, and the sponsors are expected to share with other groups.

    Yes, this City Council needs to clear their collective, muddled minds, and set some realistic spending priorities.

  3. We want to be heard!November 18, 2005 12:15 PM

    We agree. The City should have more Council Meetings, at least one or two per week, so they can separate out their "public service presentations," and self-aggrandizing political propaganda, from the give and take, which would serve to enlighten all involved, including the input of comments and questions from citizens in attendance.

    Activists, watchdogs, and just ordinary people who take the time and trouble to attend, should not have to wait until after 11:00 p.m., for the meeting to conclude. People should not have to leave, because they can't stay so late to hear other important agenda items. Council's comments prior to and after the sometimes interminable staff presentations, should be limited, too, as are the public speakers, who must sign up, with time donations for three minute durations. Oral communications should not be reduced to only two minutes, as was imposed by Dan Dalager this past Wednesday!

    Council should also have far less closed sessions, should find ways to make government more open, honest, and accessible.

  4. Paul Ecke III sucks in the same way that The Godfather III sucked. The first 2 were better.

  5. Now that an olive branch has been extended to Paul I would like to see something from him in the paper.

  6. P3 is still a young man. the show isn't over "til the fat lady sings",there is plenty of time to move on to better ideas than more houses on the Ag Preserve. He does need to build the new greenhouse range so there is a west coast facility to root the guatamala cuttings. He needs it, the community would support it, but not on our dime. Bite the bullet Paul and modernize the ranch, it's part of the big picture and is an important part of the US poinsettia domination puzzle as well as our community's character.


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