Tuesday, November 01, 2005

$$$ vs. $

The Yes on A campaign has spent $186,000

The No on A campaign has spent $13,000

Seven more days until the election.


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  1. what day is the election?

  2. Oops, I posted 3 days until election but the election is Nov 8, hee hee

  3. The No on A signs on the coast highway in Leucadia have been stolen.

  4. i ran a poll yesterday while I was out surfing and 9 out of the 10 guys surfing at __________ said they were going to vote no on A. One said he doesn't vote (I think he is an ex-felon so that may be why). Of course if the waves are good next Tuesday PECKE r could win???

  5. The No on A signs were not stolen; the City of Encinitas removed all signs in the right-of-way throughout Encinitas on Tuesday

  6. I drive down Saxony almost every day and everyone has their opinion on A. The East side of the street, on Ecke land are all for A. Those houses look like slums too, every one of them is run down and looks as if it was owned by someone without the means to repair them, certainly not one of the wealthiest families in the city.

    On the West side of Saxony there is not a single Yes on A sign. That indicates to me that the neighbors are not so happy with the Ecke family.

    I hope all you surfers find time to vote, it is dark at 5:30 and the polls are still open!

  7. unfair city practicesNovember 03, 2005 11:32 PM

    Wow! City should not be jerking down signs. They do not own our right of ways. They only have the use of them, as any of us do.

    I notice they do not remove incumbents campaign signs pre-election! This is another glaring overstepping of their self-aggrandizing authority. They are micro-managing us right out of our liberties.

    No on A. Out with incumbents!


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