Monday, December 12, 2005

Artist Colony/Rock 'n Roll House Doomed?

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Rock 'n Roll House

And the A Street proposal by Sax calls for scraping the cottages that house the 101 Artists Colony and the Builders Trading Co.

Also to be demolished is a building called the Rock 'n' Roll House, a purple-painted bungalow festooned with beads, mirrors and images of rock musicians.

"It's amazing they would tear this down," said Richard Margolin, Sax's tenant who created the artwork, "but that's the way things go."

'Rather upscale'
In an interview last week, Sax said that he hoped Margolin and other tenants can remain until the last minute before a groundbreaking planned in next fall.

Sax said he expects the 52,296-square-foot project, called Encinitas Artist Lofts, to cost $23 million.

Fifteen of the town houses would be between the highway and an alley, and four others are planned opposite the alley, on A Street, where the Rock 'n' Roll House stands.

The proposed dwellings have between one and three bedrooms and decks atop the 33-foot-tall buildings. Sax said he is already fielding offers for the homes, that would sell for more than $1 million.

The homes will be connected to commercial spaces below, that could be bought and sold separately, Sax said, adding that buyers would receive incentives for buying both.

"We would like to encourage local artists who want to be in the commercial (spaces)," Sax said.

He agreed, however, that most artists would be hard-pressed to afford the spaces.

"They are rather upscale," he said.

I was kinda surprised that the Rock 'n Roll house was a rental! If the landlord was smart he would incorporate it into the new development and keep it as a tourist destination.
If I owned the land (and I don't so who cares right?) I would turn the Rock 'n Roll House into a small club and have bands play there or at least have a lounge/bar with a jukebox.
It's awesome that the new million dollar units are going to be called Encinitas Artist Lofts even though no artist will be able to afford them. That is like when somebody bulldozes a bunch of oak trees and builds tract homes called Oak Tree Ranch.


  1. Another stab in the heartDecember 12, 2005 10:55 AM

    We are so sad to see a little bit more of our community character, and what could certainly be considered to be historic charm, relegated to plans for larger, upscale development. This is another wrong step toward the "gentrification of Encinitas."

    The new units will certainly be unaffordable for the artists. The name of the project is deceiving, like the Surfer's Point development planned near Ponto.

    To me it seems the City Planners should consider how many million dollar plus residences are now sitting on the market, unsold, before allowing demolition of what is now affordable housing, and a piece of this community's heart.

  2. have you posted anything about the new gas station going in just south of Ponto on Coast Highway? I had hoped something cool would go in there after sitting empty so long.

  3. Last I heard the new station was going to have a "retro" theme instead of just being another ugly gas station. That old Arco station was pretty horrible, I won't miss it at all.

  4. "upscale" around here means yuppie ghetto in 10 years.

  5. Did the City's new and overpaid "art director" help on the rock and roll house?

  6. I saw the rock house for the first time last weekend and I loved it but I'm an old head.

  7. JP,
    That purple house is so UGLY! It's an eye sore, with all that garbage nailed to it. A friend used to rent it years ago and it's actually a beautiful building under the hideous pink & purple crap. All those buildings should become historical landmarks, not because of the purple paint applied just a few short years ago, but because of the historical significance of the buildings up front. I wonder if any old timers remember the old Encinitas cat house that occupied that building? Now that's Encinitas History. we should not let that attorney/developer tear them down. what's next? the La Paloma? the Boat Houses? the Pannikin? the Derby House? They already let the old church on F & Vulcan go. The people who run the city of Encinitas have no integrity. This is MY town too.
    Jon P.

  8. The old adobe church compound on the corner of F and Vulcan was bulldozed without a second thought. Evil people are in charge now.

  9. It just seems like a mistake, in my opinion, to shrink or diminish the areas in greater Encinitas that
    will require a coastal development permit as well as the exclusion of some of the types of projects
    that the city staff, with no input or discussion from the citizens and only five quick minutes of
    council discussion brought forward and got passed October 26 as Resolution No. 2005-52. (Case
    05-215) Every action that is taken by the city staff and/or the city council that has the potential to
    pose an adverse effect, either individually or cumulatively, on coastal resources, should remain
    under the eye of the Coastal Commission. The maintenance of an element of affordable housing
    and preservation of historical buildings not designated as historical by the State but historical to the residents of the City as an important part of the character of our coastal zone.

    Please write to the Coastal Commission and request that the areas considered for categorical
    exclusions not be expanded west of Interstate 5. Please request that the changes of use of non-
    residential structures(#1), and demolition of existing buildings and reconstruction of ??? (#3) be
    removed from the request for types of exclusion.

    This will not guarantee that a Starbucks won’t go in the La Paloma, nor will it save every building that someone thinks might have historical significance, BUT at least it will give the citizens of Encinitas the ability to appeal if there is a ground-swell of opposition to council or city staff

    Please address correspondence to: California Coastal Commission
    c/o Gary Cannon - San Diego District Office
    7575 Metropolitan Dr., Suite 103
    San Diego, Ca
    City of Encinitas Resolution #2005-52(Case 05-215)


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