Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Behold! A New Mayor!

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Christy Guerin is our new mayor. Now I know a lot of people around here have dubbed her "Ms. Bossy Pants" but here are some things I like about her:

She stood up for Leucadia during the Salem RDA meetings saying "I'm just not seeing the blight."

She answers her e-mails.

She appears to be paying attention at city council meetings instead of staring out into space like some people up there.

She always has a new outfit for every public appearance.


  1. Listen? So did the queen in Alice in Wonderland. But that queen went around saying "off with their heads" while wacking balls with flamingo heads. Answers email? Depends on the list - an A list or an S list.

  2. So what you are saying is that we are doomed.

  3. "While the mayor tends to represent the city at ceremonial events, the position carries no more legislative or administrative authority than that of any City Council member."

  4. The city should feng shui the council chambers.

  5. Guerin wants to oversee the rehabilitation of three of the city's fire stations. Another council spin on words. The fire stations are being rebuilt from the ground up, not rehabilitated. The council will have to float a bond or borrow to rebuild the stations. More fees, more taxes.
    On the council agenda tonight: The firefighters contract has a 5.1% annual increase for the next 4 years, plus a few other incentives.

  6. We went to the Council Meeting tonight, pulled two items from the consent calendar. That's the big list of stuff that just gets passed unanimously, without being separately agendized. Most of the city's biz is passed this way, and neither the people nor Council discusses the items, except in closed sessions.

    So, someone else did pull the fire dept. increase in salaries. We pulled the substantial raises for City Manager and City Attorneys. Yes, we have more than one city attorney, and they represent more than one city. They should not be compared to other city attorneys, such as in San Diego, where the City Attorney is elected and/or works for only one city.

    Despite our protests, the City went ahead and voted, unanimously, with James Bond absent, to raise all the perks and salaries and compensations on the entire consent calendar. City Manager will now be getting over $176k, plus benefits. We were told the combined total comes to over $200,000, almost $212,000.

    As for Christy Guerin, she was rude, as usual. She did not listen, but was whispering and talking to the City Clerk, or the City Manager during oral communications. While she and other Council members can talk as much as they want, or have "special presentations" which go on for as long as they want, clapping after every participant, Christy Guerin told us not to clap after speakers during agenda items, or oral communications. She tried to limit our comments to only two minutes, instead of the noticed three. Total time for all Oral Communications should not be limited to 15 minutes, when nothing else is limited.

    People who have been participating and watching know that Christy Guerin is extremely vindictive. She is an ex cop and her husband is also a police officer. She got a Worker's Compensation Award for, we believe, stress, after she got in trouble for giving out someone's private info while she was working as a deputy sheriff.

    We are definitely on Christy's "S**t" list, and she is on ours. She is mayor again, after being mayor when an outrageous civil action was initiated against us whereby we are appealing a wrongful award of nearly $95,000.00 in City Attorney fees, which we were never noticed of until after the fact and judgment for an assessment consisting of a bogus lien against our home, threatening a forced sale.

    Christy will run you right out of town if you get on her bad side. She is not cool. She is terrible, and had our home invaded as though we were terrorists, simply for maintaining something that Dan Dalager has, pre-existing structures permitted long before Encinitas became incorporated in Oct. of 1986. City practices selective enforcement, then treats people like criminals, while claiming that they are bringing a civil, not penal case.

  7. I went to Council Meeting tonight, too. I found out they do get rid of the recorded tapes after a few weeks. This is wrong. They could and should burn a cd and save them. They charge $15.00 for a past tape, but audio visual guy said they only keep them for a matter of weeks. The public record is just the minutes.

    Christy Guerin is Ms. Bossy Pants. She doesn't listen to a lot of people, and only answers the e-mails of a few. Glad she answers yours, JP. Vote her out, if you know what's good for us. She voted no on blighting us because of overwhelming public input, feedback to her, personally. However, after the overwhelming mandate of the No on A vote, she still wanted to take some of the land we voted to continue to preserve as agricultural in perpetuity, and open it up to development of an oversize public works yard. This was her motion, JP. No one else on Council wanted to go ahead with awarding a substantial contract for design on the Eckes Ranch. It got postponed until January when Christy's motion did not get voted on. Jerome Stocks had seconded it "for discussion," then said he didn't want to go ahead, when James Bond said he didn't feel comfortable doing so.

    I thought it was interesting that Mr. Bond was absent. He might have voted no on some of the salary increases. He is the only one who has come out for an audit, as Bob Bonde, one of our founders also did tonight, in oral communications.

  8. Guerin is fucking gnarly and we are fucked.

  9. Frodo failed. Guerin has the ring.


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