Friday, December 16, 2005

Breaking News: Dalagher Finally Cuts Down Old Dead Tree

The former mayor and now mere city councilman mortal and tool sharpener has finally cut down that old dead pine tree that has been blighting up his front yard for decades.
You may have heard that Dalager plans to develop his property and build a family compound. I am cool with this and actually plan to do the same at my parent's Leucadia property.

NCT link

Dalager knows that Encinitas is out of control price wise for young people. It is extremely hard for the next generation to afford homes in the town they grew up in. The choice is to either move away or live at home with your parents forever. This sounds funny but it is actually a good idea. Keeping the family unit together is good not only for the family but is a good foundation for America.

However, if this family thing is just a cover story to sell out then he is just another Leucadia backstabber. Time will tell, in the meantime I am giving him the benefit of doubt.


  1. And we wonder why everything at the City takes so long and is done so incompetently?

  2. I ran into a powertools sales rep in Las Vegas. We got to talking and first when he heard I was from Encinitas he was hesitant to talk about Dalager. When I flatly said I thought he was asleep at the wheel, lazy, and friendly unless you ask him to defend something and then he blows you off, the rep busted out.

    A lot of the reps don't even stop by his shop anymore. They can't deal with them and he said he had a major bad rep with many of the commercial landscapers. They don't do a good job troubleshooting and then turning around repairs. The pros go elsewhere now apparently.

    He gave the impression that he thought along the lines of, God help you if Dalager brings the same level of competence to the City as he does running a business. He says Dan's a nice guy but in the long run he doesn't think Dan was a successful business owner and no way could he run a startup non-family supported shop.

    He didn't know about the Christian patronage.

  3. Question bogus authoritesDecember 16, 2005 12:01 PM

    I think that Dan Dalager should be allowed to subdivide and develop, for his family, or anyone else. What was disturbing about the NCT article was the way it ended, with a threat, which seemed to say, "It's my way or the highway."

    Most of us only wish we could own a one acre lot that we were fortunate to have purchased at rock bottom prices from family friends. I know my children moved away, no room here. Prices exorbitant!

    While we don't begrudge Dan his acreage, he has been doing a lot lately to stir up controversy, to divide, rather than unite.

    He has a lot of privileges, just by virtue of being raised here. A big one is property rights. Yet in our case, we are denied many of our basic rights, of peaceable dwelling, privacy, and grandfathered or vested rights, by the City of Encinitas, for which ex Mayor Dan is a figurehead.

    This is really a case of different rules for different folks. Big developers, the ex mayor get special treatment. Dan didn't need to threaten. He is within the rules, and also he is part of the ruling bureaucracy.

    We need a new Boston Tea Party. Throw lawnmower man, Anti-Christy in the drink! Vote out incumbents next year. Please!

  4. Dan's comment is very insightful. It shows that he so twisted that he cannot determine the difference between valid citizen complaints and those without merit. He sees no difference between all the watchdogs crying out about the city not following its own development laws and the rare instance that a screwball shows up and tries to shut down all development and take away peoples vested property rights.

    Who is going to "complain" about Dan's subdivision. That was already set in motion when the City incorporated and set the zoning.

    Now, if he tries to subdivide and put in 52 units with no parking and a strip club then the neighbors have legitimacy in acting against that. To protect everyone’s property values and rights our zoning laws outlaw such development in Dan's compound. Dan doesn’t get it that without these laws the City would be miserable and the first one out wins. I would like to stay.

    Dan's problem is that he doesn't see a distinction between the two types complaints. He is the village _______. And, now with so many citizen complaints being blown off by the Council, why shouldn't the staff act brazenly?

  5. That truck is going to offend the yuppies driving H2's.


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