Saturday, December 10, 2005

Giant Public Works Yard, Why?

Councilman Jerome Stocks is either a great America or a little weasel depending on who you talk to but he has a good quote in Angela Lau's Union Tribune story about the public works yard.

Councilman Jerome Stocks said he is not sure Encinitas really needs a consolidated public works yard.

"We have been operating satellite yards for 20 years, and we have better streets than San Diego," he said.


  1. New Year's ResolutionDecember 10, 2005 7:34 PM

    Yes, why? So many why's for Encinitas City Council and Staff. Why would you propose building an oversize public works yard on the very land that we just voted to remain as an agricultural reserve, in perpetuity?

    Why do we need a library over six times bigger than the one we had? We could have built a couple of satellite libraries, one in the Quail Gardens area, on property we already own, and another, on the Pacific View site. These could have been small, functional, and would encourage neighborhood use. Libraries do not to have "sweeping ocean views," as referred to in the prior NCT piece.

    In this case, Jerome Stocks is right. We don't need a gonzo public works yard. We have operated successfully for years with satellite locations. If it's not broken, don't fix it.

    City Council is broken right now. Vote out Lawnmower Man Dalager, and Ms. Bossy Pants Guerin, come November of our new year. Make it a resolution!

  2. WeasleWeasleWeasleWeasleWeasleWeasleWeasleWeasleWeasleWeasleWeasleWeasle.

    Dude, Stocks is the biggest player.

    The public works yard was just a grand idea for Mr. Stocks over the last year. I think it is simple. "Encinitas Taxpayers vs. Jerome" is bad publicity for him and his campaign for higher office. He is all show so you know he is going to try to run from that.

    This is why the Council burns the meeting tapes as fast as possible so that citizens can't go back and find the major inconsistencies that show that some of the Council are all about spin and not substance.

    Lets not forget that he endorsed both MOUs including the one for the pulic works yard. That is the endorsement that got the ball rolling and the City sending time and money on it. The willingness to spend is the most important endorsement by Stocks. (seems like at the last meeting on this Stocks was still acting as if he thought the land swap and public works yard was a good thing). The public will never catch wind of this behavior.


    I guess Jerome figured that doing the right thing (too late) is better than getting cozy with his campaign supporters, like the Ecke family.


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