Monday, December 19, 2005

Join the Encinitas Taxpayers Association

ENC Taxpayers Membership Online

It's time to be an adult and join the Encinitas Taxpayers Association. It's only $10 and they know what they are doing.

Yes, I know it's not quite as cool as the Star Wars Fan Club but it's cheaper.


  1. As a Christmas present to ourselves, we did already join. More power to the people! We care, we share, we dare to question misguided, shortsighted authority.

    We wrote Gary Cannon at the Coastal Commission, too, re Gil's previous post. The zip code, btw, is 92108, I called, to get it.

  2. From a friend:

    As many of you know, the City of Encinitas will be conducting a mail ballot in January through March to determine the city's right to collect the $5 monthly "clean water fee".

    The Encinitas Taxpayers Association is hoping to send out flyers opposing this tax increase, but cannot do so until it has sufficient funds.

    There are many reasons to support the Taxpayers Association. Many of us don’t like taxes. Also, it goes without mentioning that the Taxpayers Association was a huge factor in the defeat of proposition A. In my view, the best reason is the fact that our City Council seems entirely out of touch with our needs and the needs of our city. The City Manager, City Attorney and all city employees got big salary and benefit increases earlier this year. At the time, Jerome Stocks wrote a commentary in the North County Times saying how well the city was doing financially. But now we need a tax increase (supposedly). I think defeating this tax will help send a message to the Council and empower the Taxpayers Association, which appears more dedicated to protecting our interests than the city council.

    I will be sending the Taxpayers Association $100 to assist its efforts to oppose this tax. I hope you can help too.

    The address for donations is Encinitas Taxpayers Association, P.O. Box 46, Cardiff CA 92007

    Please ask your friends and acquaintances to help.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays


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